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Welcome to the 24th edition of the History and Home Link Party ~ so glad you’re here today!  You’ve landed in the midst of “Windows Week” here on We Call It Junkin, where we’re looking at the history behind some types of windows, what to do with junk windows, and more.

Yesterday we covered many kinds of windows, some that went as far back as the Egyptians…well, the architectural forms that led to them did, anyway.  Today I’m sharing three buildings we’ve toured here on WCIJ that have windows we featured yesterday.

The Caldwell Boylston House

On a very hot August day, we walked around this lovely historic home at the South Carolina Governor’s Mansion complex.  Were you as hot and misty as I was?  No?  I’m glad!  The front door of this stately home has a more traditional form of a transom window than the one I showed yesterday.  Also, the door is flanked by sidelights, something we didn’t cover yesterday, did we?

Caldwell Boylston House Columbia South Carolina transom window

Oh, yellow, black, and white is just my favorite color scheme for a home’s exterior.  To see more of this home, including its carriage house, read Caldwell-Boylston House.

Greek Orthodox Church

In December we visited this church, built in recent years, but with very old traditions.  It has clerestory windows in its dome, letting in a great deal of light.  The iconography in this church is just mind-boggling.

Greek Orthodox Church Columbia South Carolina


To see more of this amazing place, read Tour a New Church With an Olde Tradition.

Robert Mills House

Another historic house here in my state capitol, which is open for tours, is sporting a window we covered yesterday – the fan light.  And what a gorgeous fan light it is!  This is also flanked by sidelights.

Robert Mills House Columbia South Carolina fanlight sidelights


To see more, read Robert Mills House and Garden.

Tune in later this week, when we’ll be looking at an antebellum plantation that used smart design in fenestration to keep the house cool, and ways to use salvaged windows.

If you missed it yesterday, here’s Fun with Fenestration!

History & Home Link Party Time!

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  1. I’m first! I never get here first. Feeling very organised. The Robert Mills house is stunning but I can’t help looking at all those steps and thinking how would you get a pram up those steps! I would have to have used the servants entrance:)

  2. I also love all those historic homes of the southern east coast states. They are so awesome and grand. Thanks for hosting!

    Shannon ~

  3. Dawn, I’m really enjoying your blog and everything you’re doing – and thanks once again for hosting the weekly history & home. I am purging ‘stuff’ so I can make room for binging more junk! It feels so good taking the 40 bags in 40 days challenge! Have a great week!
    Rita C at Panoply

  4. I love the iconography–it’s just stunning! Thanks so much for hosting the party, Dawn. Have a great week. 🙂

  5. I love transom windows! I’m interested in seeing more of The Caldwell-Boylston house and the others you found! Thanks for the links.

  6. Dawn, Love the windows especially the fan lite. They are just beautiful. I will not be posting until later tonight or tomorrow morning. I will link up after I post. Have a wonderful evening.


  7. Dawn,
    Thanks for the invitation to participate in History & Home Party.
    I’ve linked one of my “junkin” projects
    which will be part of an upcoming Spring Booth!
    Thank you for your sweet comment and recent visit!!!

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