Welcome Spring with Colorful Home Decor

Hooray!  Spring has finally arrived!  Yes, it’s the first day of spring, and I think most of us in the US are quite ready to see it arrive with the severe winter we had.  Those of you in other parts of the world have perhaps heard about our record snows and ice storms, so you can understand our relief!  I was quite anxious to put some spring in my home decor, so up to the attic I went and brought down anything colorful I could find.

Before I show you what I did to the house, here’s the Freestanding Bird Feeder and Flower Post my sweet husband put up for my birthday last year, and you can read about how to create one by following that link.  I’ve already filled the hummingbird feeder, the seed feeder, and bought two pretty flowers.  How about my neighbor’s incredible Bradford Pear tree covered in white blooms?



No hummingbirds yet.  I know it’s early, but one can hope.

Let’s do this before-and-after style, and I think you’ll see what I mean about injecting some color into your home decor to welcome spring.  I didn’t realize how dark and blah I had things looking for winter!

The wall next to my front door, before:




And now, a wonderful metal basket with flowers and bunny from QVC’s Valerie Parr Hill line a few years ago:




On the porch floor, meet Gruffer!  Gruffer is the perfect pet, as he doesn’t eat much, requires no trips to the vet, and never bites the UPS driver.




He has quite a wardrobe, but I’d forgotten to put his winter sweater and hat on him!  How cold he must have been!  Oh well, on with the rain gear, as it has been quite rainy here lately:




In the kitchen, the plate rack my father made me many years ago gets changed about monthly.  Last time we saw it, it was sporting a Valentine’s Day display:

Certified Internation Lori Siebert valentines day dishes plates bowls



Now it’s all set for spring, with vintage Anchor Hocking jadeite dishes and three planters collected from estate sales.  I especially love that little chick with the egg.




In the living room, my coffee table went from a winter-blues glass candle plate with a flameless candle to a bunnies hurricane I’d forgotten I had.  No idea where I got this or how long I’ve had it!  It’s just been hiding in the attic… hmmm…. I think it may have been a gift from my parents…. the memory ain’t what she used to be.



And finally, a vignette that’s a bit of Easter, maybe too early, but I don’t care!  I’m ready for some spring and color and Easter, too!  Do you feel the same way?  This plastic egg wreath is another thing I’ve had so long, I’ve forgotten when and where, but the adorable glitter bunny art was made by my mother’s friend from high school and given for my nursery when I was born.  Isn’t it wonderful?




That’s all the spring decorating I’ve gotten done so far, but you know I’ll be adding all my pastel Pyrex bowls and casseroles to the pie safe display soon, right?

We attended a big home and garden show last weekend, and I wanted to show you a couple of pretty displays they had, for a little more spring inspiration.

This old wheelbarrow was just lovely with all the plants and the glass mushroom they’d tucked in!




And this is just a small part of a huge garden display a nursery had set up.  Oh, the temptation to buy hundreds of plants was terrible!




So, what about you? Do you feel the urge to redecorate for a new season?  A lot or a little?  If you do, you might want to dig around in the attic, the basement, or a closet, and see what you’ve forgotten you had.  You might find something, like an old candle hurricane or nursery wall art, that’s works just perfectly!

Welcome to those of you joining from any of these fine link-ups! I hope you’ll stick around a while!

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12 thoughts on “Welcome Spring with Colorful Home Decor

  1. Well,you nearly put me into orbit today. I had a little doggie like that with all the cloths. My sister gave him to me many years ago. He sat on my front entry for years and one day he disappeared. I loved him even tho not overly expensive. Months later, I spied him across the neighborhood with some broken parts. I was afraid to approach the home for various reasons. Later, I checked back and he was no where to be seen. Guess they threw him in the trash. He was fun to have for awhile.

  2. I have put a few things together for spring in my home but shame on me we’ve had blooming trees and warm weather for weeks! I like to work gradually! I did bring in the nearest old picnic basket. Its green with a wood bottom and painted aluminum handles (40’s maybe?) Put it together with a large white porcelain bunny and dried hydrangea on top of my tall cabinet in the dining room. Guess I better bring a few Easter boxes down from the attic…its time! Thanks Dawn! Have a great day:)

  3. I love hummingbirds, so having a feeder is a great idea!
    I’m too immersed in the new house to do anything for spring at the old house – but the iris are peeking their heads up and should be blooming soon! The garden will announce spring outside even if I’ve been too lazy to do it inside!

  4. I am so excited for Spring. Your decor is so lovely. I especially love your little welcome puppy and that bunny nestled among the flower…too cute! Thanks for sharing.

  5. You’ve inspired me, Dawn! I hadn’t started doing anything yet (my daughter’s baby shower is this weekend, so I’ve been frantically making tissue paper flowers!), but Monday morning, I’m starting on the Easter transformation! I LOVE that doggie on your front porch and also love your wreath with that sweet bunny peeking out! Isn’t it nice to move to a new season?! Rosie

  6. I have started cleaning out containers and beds, but I am sure you heard the weather forecast for next week – no new plants for me yet. Love all the touches of spring you spread through the house. Also cute perfect pet!

  7. Hi Dawn … love your touches of Spring especially the front porch decoration with the bunny peeking out. Your vintage bunny rabbit picture IS adorable.
    Thanks for sharing … I need to get busy with welcoming Spring.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. there’s still snow on the ground here, and it’s way too early for flowers outside, but I am getting ready for spring inside!! The winter dishes are being boxed up, and the pretty pastels are coming out, I’m re-doing my china hutch, etc. Can’t wait to see the hummingbirds again!

  9. I started breaking out the bunnies last weekend for the inside of the house. I will start decorating the porch now over the weekend. As soon as the hanging baskets are in at Marc’s (my favorite close out store) I will buy a basket of red petunias to welcome the hummingbirds back home.

  10. Dawn,
    What a pleasant surprise to find a rabbit in your arrangement!
    I L O V E bunnies!!!
    I adored seeing all your PoPs of spring hues through vignettes in your home!
    The photo of the wheelbarrow is stunning!!!
    Spring can’t get here soon enough!!!
    But it certainly is taking its own sweet time.

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