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This is my review of Vintage Style Magazine – I am not associated with the production of the magazine in any way.

Today I’m off on a rabbit trail about my new favorite magazine, Vintage Style.  Have you seen this on the newsstand yet? For all of us lovers of antiques and vintage collectibles, it is really a must-read.  The photos alone are worth the price of admission!

Aviary Photo_130127113174981467

I saw the Spring 2013 issue at the store a couple of weeks ago, and although I have never, ever paid $9.95 for a magazine before, after flipping through and drooling over this one, I gladly forked over my ten bucks.  I took it home, made a glass of sweet tea, got comfy in the backyard on our vintage metal glider, and read it cover to cover.

I then tried to see about subscribing online, because it didn’t have 25 of those little subscription cards falling out of it every time I turned the page!  I turns out, subscriptions are not available, and this is only the second issue.  The first issue was published last fall, but doesn’t actually say “Autumn 2012”, because it was more like a special edition from Harris Publications, Inc.  I was able to order a copy of that first issue from an Amazon seller, yay!

Aviary Photo_130127112898584579

I believe the publisher is “testing the waters,” and if the magazine is popular enough, hopefully they will make it a regular thing and even offer subscriptions.  If they do, I will be first in line!





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13 thoughts on “Vintage Style Magazine

    1. Just bought the Fall 2013 issue at Sams for around $7.88 (I think they’re 30-35% off cover price).

  1. I have all the issues that were published and I am love it!! I have found it to be well worth the money and some stores discount magazines at 20% off…


  2. Thanks for sharing this magazine with us, Dawn, at the Vintage View Sunday link party! I used to take Victoria, Country Home, and Victorian Lifestyles and Decorating (which was my fav.), but I don’t subscribe any more. I’ll have to check this one out!
    Have a great weekend,

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the new issue! I had looked at the one last fall but hadn’t been able to justify the cost at the time..but now, well, I think I will just have to find a copy of both of them 🙂

  4. Thank you for the heads-up on this mag! I accidentally found the Fall 2012 issue as I was looking for something else. This mag was worth every cent, the pages are tattered and torn now, so I’m looking forward to the new issue! I’ve been searching for the website to order a subscription, now I know why I couldn’t find it! 🙂

  5. I just got the Fall issue too. Wow! I’m hooked. This style is absolutely me! They could do a photoshoot in my house!

  6. I work on a USAF base here in England and I found a copy among magazines left in the break room. It is just how I am doing up the tiny cowhshed that I live in. I live in hope that someone leaves another issue in the breakroom in the future. Oh…it seems this issue has found its way to my office…not sure how that happened 😉

  7. Love the magazine, did not love spending $10 on the exact same issue for Summer 2014-what are they thinking?

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