Vintage Franciscan Strawberry Fair

Welcome to the 53rd History & Home Link Party!  Today I’m sharing something new I’ve added to my home…well, new to me, but actually something with a few years on it.  I’ve been collecting another pattern in vintage Franciscan dinnerware called Strawberry Fair.  These dishes were made in the 1980s, so I suppose some would call that vintage and some would say they’re too new to be considered vintage.  Either way, they sure are pretty!



The dinner plates came from an antique mall, and the rest from Etsy and eBay sellers.  I still have a few pieces to find to complete service for 6.



I’m always looking for a good deal, though, so it may take time.



Here’s the backstamp Franciscan was using at the time:



To see an older Franciscan backstamp and other patterns I collect, take a look at:  Starburst and Autumn.  

There is probably a Strawberry Fair tablescape somewhere in my future, no? 



Whether you’re contributing to the History and Home Link Party, or just here to read along, welcome and thanks for joining us!


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20 thoughts on “Vintage Franciscan Strawberry Fair

  1. Oh you have done it again. You should be in advertizing. Now I want this set of china too. They are so sweet. I just love this strawberry pattern. I have a complete set for eight of the Desert Rose and the grape pattern. A lot of the Autumn Leaves patten but I don’t have any Franciscan Strawberries 🙁 Now I will have to go in search of strawberries too. Thank you for hosting today, I am happy that I do have a post to share with you….. Candy

    1. That’s so sweet of you Candy, thank you! I may have contributed to your dish addiction, sorry about that 🙂 Loved your brown and white table, gorgeous as always

  2. Good morning Dawn, who cares if they’re ’80s – I like them, and your photo displays are fantastic in this post. Thank you for the Pin feature. Our barn sale was definitely a new experience for all of us, and it’s got me behind on normal life. I hope to catch up on my backlog of reading in these next few days. Thanks for hosting the party.

    1. Thank you for those nice words, Rita! Yes your barn sale did look exhausting – all that dirt! I’ll remind you if want to do it again, ha ha

    1. The Poppy Meltlox strawberry dishes are super pretty too, more intense color. I thought about getting some but went w/ the Franciscan since I already had some others…

  3. I love anything Franciscan, Desert Rose has always been my favorite, but this one is awfully pretty, I may have to try to find some pieces at my favorite thrift shops, ebay etc.

  4. i have been looking for this pattern for years. I have a 6 place setting of most of the set but missing some odds and ends. Bought them new in 1982, and have looked for the past 3-4 years. I thought I had found some on but they had a green tint to the background:-( please let me know if you would be interested in selling. I’m guessing you are so in love with them that you won’t but thought I would check, Thanks so much!

    1. Franciscan made Strawberry Fair (which has a white background) and Strawberry Time (which has a light green background). Confusing, huh?! I’m going to hang on to mine but check eBay and Etsy from time to time, they do come up. If you’re ever not sure about the color just message the seller, most are really good about getting back to folks. Good luck in your search and take care!

      Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

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