Midcentury Pebble Art

vintage pebble gravel art boy praying
A few decades back, pebble art was a trendy make-at-home craft. The young crafters of today, busy with scrapbooking and furniture distressing, might have been gluing thousands of little pebbles to backing boards had they lived in the 1960s and 1970s.   Also known as "gravel art", the photos Read more [...]

New Uses for Old Campers

As a people, we are getting better and better at reducing, reusing, and recycling, and it's a good thing, too, because our poor Earth has been getting pretty polluted.  That's why I often feel sad when I see rows and rows of used coffee cups, just as one example, in thrift stores.  I think Read more [...]

Pink Finds!

hall pottery pink plume teapot
While browsing through photos of my finds from the last few months, I noticed there was really a lot of pink, so today I'm sharing those rosie gems with you!     Hall Pottery Pink Plume Teapot, I believe from the 1940s:   Midcentury Boonton Pink Melmac Tray & Bowls: "Boonton". Read more [...]


Have you, like most of America, been enthralled with the Netflix series Stranger Things?  We sure have been at my house!  It's great because my kids love the show and it's set in the time that I was a kid.  One thing I've been impressed with is that the show's set decorators didn't go Read more [...]

Cookie Jars Sighted!

Do you collect vintage cookie jars?  A lot of folks do, and some of them are worth WHOPPING amounts of money.  I once knew a lady who loved going to auctions and getting them for $1 or $2, and she had a collector's guide that had pictured a jade-green "hobo" cookie jar that was...ready...? Read more [...]