Belmont Mansion in Nashville, Tennesee

Belmont Mansion Exterior
Here are a few photos from  my recent visit to the beautiful Belmont Mansion in Nashville, Tennessee.  Part of the Belmont University campus, you can tour this incredible mansion for only $15.    There are some interesting stories related to this Read more [...]

What I Bought at Antique Archaeology

During a recent trip to Nashville, Tennessee, I was thrilled to get to shop at the American Pickers' Antique Archaeology!  For years my family and I have watched Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, stars of The History Channel's American Pickers, find little pieces of history in people's barns, Read more [...]

More Olde Signs!

vintage retro old krispy kreme doughnuts coffee sign spartanburg sc
It's been quite a long time since I shared some cool olde signs with y'all, like these beauties.  Here are a few more that I photographed on a visit to Spartanburg, South Carolina a few months back.   Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! If you've never tasted a Krispy Kreme doughnut, then honey, Read more [...]

Catching Up

Since I awoke at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep, I thought, "Why not write a blog post today?!"  I have oodles of junkin' finds and happenings to share, but will only share a few for now.  I do have to get ready for the "real job" soon.   Flooded: South Carolina is still recovering Read more [...]

Thomas Wolfe Home

Thomas Wolfe house home memorial museum Asheville NC
Today I'm sharing a few photos from my recent tour of the Thomas Wolfe home in Asheville, NC.  This is open to public tours and has quite a few interesting stories, so if you're in Asheville, I definitely recommend it for you history lovers out there.   Thomas Wolfe is North Carolina's Read more [...]

Dishes Graveyard

Long time, no blog!  Hello and welcome back after a four-month hiatus.  Perhaps we'll get back to some degree of regular posting over here, I do miss my junkin' friends. Last week the hubby & I took a wonderfully relaxing vacation to Asheville, North Carolina.  Mountains, waterfalls, Read more [...]

Historic Sylvan Building

Today we're visiting a gorgeous old building in downtown Columbia, South Carolina, at the request of my sweet blogging friend Donna, from Distressed Donna Downhome.  This Second Empire building dates to 1870, and has been the home of Sylvan's Jewelers since 1905, having been a bank originally.     That Read more [...]

Fall at the Farmers Market

orange and white pumpkin
Welcome to the 54th week of the History and Home Link Party, it's good to have you here.  The weather here in South Carolina has been absolutely gorgeous with cool temps and low humidity.  I hope it's lovely where you are too, no matter what season you're in there in your part of the world. Read more [...]

The Big Grab

Have you heard of these "longest yard sale" events that are popping up all around the country?  There are at least a couple of them here in South Carolina, and I finally made it to one of them last week.  "The Big Grab", a 43-mile yard sale that covers three pretty little towns was fun, productive, Read more [...]

Dodging Disney Dishes

It was pretty much *crickets* around here last month, wasn't it?  That's because I took a break from blogging and went on a wonderful trip to the happiest place on Earth - Walt Disney World! I didn't forget y'all, though.   While browsing through the gift shops, and dodging repeated impulses Read more [...]