Dishes Graveyard

Long time, no blog!  Hello and welcome back after a four-month hiatus.  Perhaps we'll get back to some degree of regular posting over here, I do miss my junkin' friends. Last week the hubby & I took a wonderfully relaxing vacation to Asheville, North Carolina.  Mountains, waterfalls, Read more [...]

Christmas Gifts and New Year Finds

Better late than never, I'm finally getting around to showing you what my sweet hubby gave me for Christmas.  We'd been browsing an antique mall a couple weeks before Christmas and I pointed out a couple of things I really liked, and what do you know?  He remembered and went back for them! A Read more [...]

How Junkin Saved Me Over $200!

See? I'm still here!  Everyone left such sweet comments last week when I announced I was discontinuing the weekly link party and cutting back on blogging, and I really appreciated it!   I have been getting in some junkin' lately, both online and in the thrifts. and I've gotten some incredible Read more [...]

Vintage Grapes and Tulips

Welcome to the 50th History and Home Link Party, it's good to "see" you!  Ah, September, the weather is finally starting to cool off where I am, how about you?  Hopefully it will last, I am quite ready for Autumn.  I've already bought two orange mums for the back porch and everything. Here Read more [...]

Dodging Disney Dishes

It was pretty much *crickets* around here last month, wasn't it?  That's because I took a break from blogging and went on a wonderful trip to the happiest place on Earth - Walt Disney World! I didn't forget y'all, though.   While browsing through the gift shops, and dodging repeated impulses Read more [...]

Aqua and Yellow Tablescape on the Porch

Welcome to another meal on the new screened porch!  Y'all may remember a while back I wrote Designing With An Eye for Aqua and Yellow, because that was the color scheme I was planning to use on the porch.  I ended up going with more of an aqua-and-red color scheme, but that doesn't mean we Read more [...]