Belmont Mansion in Nashville, Tennesee

Belmont Mansion Exterior
Here are a few photos from  my recent visit to the beautiful Belmont Mansion in Nashville, Tennessee.  Part of the Belmont University campus, you can tour this incredible mansion for only $15.    There are some interesting stories related to this Read more [...]

New Uses for Old Campers

As a people, we are getting better and better at reducing, reusing, and recycling, and it's a good thing, too, because our poor Earth has been getting pretty polluted.  That's why I often feel sad when I see rows and rows of used coffee cups, just as one example, in thrift stores.  I think Read more [...]

Thomas Wolfe Home

Thomas Wolfe house home memorial museum Asheville NC
Today I'm sharing a few photos from my recent tour of the Thomas Wolfe home in Asheville, NC.  This is open to public tours and has quite a few interesting stories, so if you're in Asheville, I definitely recommend it for you history lovers out there.   Thomas Wolfe is North Carolina's Read more [...]

Historic Sylvan Building

Today we're visiting a gorgeous old building in downtown Columbia, South Carolina, at the request of my sweet blogging friend Donna, from Distressed Donna Downhome.  This Second Empire building dates to 1870, and has been the home of Sylvan's Jewelers since 1905, having been a bank originally.     That Read more [...]

Do the Unexpected: Paint the Front Door Orange

orange front door
While driving to work in our beautiful downtown area, I spotted this grand home (now used for a business) and was immediately drawn to its unusual front door:   Hopefully it's reading true on your screen, but it's the perfect shade of pumpkin orange!  It looks so lovely with this Read more [...]

Historic 701 Whaley Building

If you love seeing beautiful old buildings, and how they can be saved from the wrecking ball, then I have a treat for you today.  The building now known simply as 701 Whaley in Columbia, South Carolina was a community center back in the city's mill-community days.  In the last few years the Read more [...]

Art Deco Department Store Finds a New Purpose in a New Century

We have toured many historic homes and even an aircraft carrier here on We Call It Junkin, so I thought it was about time for a fabulous commercial building.  I immediately thought of Tapp's Department Store, in the heart of South Carolina's state capital, Columbia.  Most every Columbia resident knows Read more [...]

Lorick House, A Victorian Charmer

Victorian house gingerbread
The Preston C. Lorick House is such an ornate example of Victorian architecture, it almost doesn't look real.  Should it be in a storybook?  Should it be part of the Grove Park's Inn's annual gingerbread house display?  But real it is!     Though the home is large, it isn't Read more [...]

Woodrow Wilson’s Boyhood Home

Woodrow Wilson home Columbia South Carolina
Come on a walk around tour with me while we visit the boyhood home of the United States' 28th president, Woodrow Wilson.  Located in Columbia, South Carolina, this historic home was just re-opened to the public after undergoing a major restoration project.  Just look at it now! This Queen Anne Read more [...]

USS Yorktown: The Floating City

USS Yorktown
Last week, I had the opportunity to visit the USS Yorktown, a WWII aircraft carrier that's now a maritime museum in Charleston, South Carolina.  I was serving as chaperon for a school group, so I wasn't able to take too many photos, but I did capture a few that I'd love to share with y'all today. The Read more [...]