St. Patricks Table and Buffet Ideas

It’s coming!  That day when we all get to be Irish, even if we really aren’t.  We aren’t, in my family, but for this one day per year we like to wear green and eat corned beef and cabbage or Shepherd’s Pie.  We do dream of visiting Ireland one day, with its beautiful castles and miles of deep green.

St. Patrick’s Tablescape Inspiration

Before I show you what I’ve set up for our upcoming St. Patrick’s dinner, I wanted to show you a cute tablescape that a nearby store has on display.  Notice they’ve really just used plain green and white dishes and linens, but the addition of a festive hat and plant picks have given it a great seasonal theme.  I really love the centerpiece’s pot, and how about those hilarious “leggy” pillows?!

St Patricks tablescape


Gosh, I don’t think I really paid attention to how cute those dishes are…I may have to go back…:)

St Patricks tablescape



Calling Steven Spielberg!

You know you can’t come to We Call It Junkin without gettin’ a bit o’ history, right?  (That’s a bit of Irish brogue for you, the best I could do in writing.)  St. Patrick is credited with having brought Christianity to Ireland, and is the Patron Saint of Ireland.  He had been kidnapped as a teen from his native England, taken to Ireland, escaped, returned to England, became a priest, then returned to Ireland to bring the message of Jesus, saying it was his assignment from God – whew!  What an amazing life!

Has no one made a huge Hollywood film about this man?  I think it would be amazing!

He is said to have used the shamrock (with three leaves, not a four-leaf clover) to explain the Trinity to his converts, and the tradition of “the wearing of the green” actually refers to the wearing of a shamrock in memory of this.

Is Buffetscape a Word?

It is now!  I think we’ll be serving our St. Patrick’s dinner buffet style this year, something different for a change.  We have this beautiful antique piece that I’ve always called a “huntboard”, though I don’t know where I got that term.  It was my parents’, and they gave it to us when they downsized a few years back.  It makes a great little serving buffet in our dinette.

Here it is, all laid out in anticipation of Shepherd’s Pie and Irish Soda Bread.  Oh, my mouth is watering already…

St Patricks tablescape buffet serving ideas Pyrex kelly green 024 Fire King Poppy loaf pan



I just kept pulling green and orange vintage kitchen glass out, finding things I’d forgotten about!  I’ll take you down the line.

First we have the Fostoria green footed glasses I recently got for a song at a thrift store, along with two vintage pitchers for Tang and tea.  The kids will want Tang, because nothing’s more Irish than Tang, right?  Right.  No, but it’s impressed into the pitcher, and when I pull this out, they immediately want Tang.  Tang made these pitchers in the 1960s and 70s and sold them as premiums for very little along with proofs of purchase. The oranges bottle is by Anchor Hocking, also c. 1960s, I believe.

St Patricks tablescape buffet serving ideas Tang pitcher Anchor Hocking juice vintage



This beautiful wooden bowl was a gift from a dear friend of ours. He made it himself, and he’s Irish!  Well, he’s of Irish descent, at least, so I felt it deserved a spot on this buffet.  It will be serving slices of Irish Soda Bread on the big day.  Do you think those chocolate coins will make it to March 17?

St Patricks tablescape buffet serving ideas



Next is my latest find, a Fire King Poppy loaf pan.  I have a weird love for vintage loaf pans.  I’ll be sharing my collection of those soon, in fact.  This one is placed atop a vintage Federal Glass orange dots bowl.  The orange lucite napkin rings were a thrift store find, and I felt this was the easiest way to serve the napkins and forks buffet style.

St Patricks tablescape buffet serving ideas Pyrex kelly green 024 Fire King Poppy loaf pan



Serving the Shepherd’s Pie is a vintage Pyrex two quart casserole, numbered 024, that collectors call “kelly green”.  Pyrex made a lot of these dishes in many colors and patterns, and they’re known to collectors, as a group, as the “024s”.  I love the 024s and have four so far, but I have a few Flickr contacts that have stacks of them!  This kelly green is nearly mint and is one of my absolutely favorite pieces.

St Patricks tablescape buffet serving ideas Pyrex kelly green 024 Fire King Poppy loaf pan


The shamrock hankie was an eBay buy last year.  These vintage seasonal hankies make great “doilies” for the holidays, just like I used in my Valentines Day decor.

In front of the 024 is a little silver server that belonged to my great grandmother, or either my great-great grandmother.  I’m too lazy to go look on the paper.  But I wanted to show you how I protect my table and/or tablecloth from serving messes and use my vintage kitchen glass at the same time.  That’s a Pyrex 501 fridgie lid underneath the spoon.  Those things make great spoon rests!

St Patricks tablescape buffet serving ideas Pyrex kelly green 024 Fire King Poppy loaf pan



That brings us to our pretty daffodils.  Ah, spring!  Where are you, little spring?  It was 70 degrees four days ago, now it’s 30 degrees again.  It’s what we always say about South Carolina: if you don’t like the weather, wait until tomorrow, it will change.  I just had to buy some daffodils to bring some hint of spring to my home, and how I wish you could smell their sweet fragrance!  Have you ever seen these tiny daffodils before?  They were new to me, and I just had to get one.  98 cents at Wal Mart.  I planted the minis in a vintage planter from a thrift store, and I just plopped the large ones, pot and all, in an antique crock we’ve had for years.

St Patricks tablescape buffet serving ideas


The plates are my everyday dishes from World Market.  It’s great to have plain white dishes, you can use them all them time.

I hope you’ve found a little inspiration for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  Bringing Christianity to a new land is certainly something to celebrate, in my opinion!  And I hope you’re inspired to bring those vintage collectibles out of the cabinets, mix them with your modern things.  Like we say around here, giving your modern home a vintage touch is what it’s all about.

St Patricks tablescape buffet serving ideas Pyrex kelly green 024 Fire King Poppy loaf pan

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16 thoughts on “St. Patricks Table and Buffet Ideas

  1. I love your “buffetscape”! It looks so festive and just right for spring. You gotta love daffodils! Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Dinner. I’m looking forward to our once-a-year Corned Beef and Cabbage, as well. Take care, Dawn. Rosie

  2. Dawn, I think you pulled this together perfectly! Love the addition of the daffodils.

    Dropping by from Susan’s to say, “Hi!”



  3. Dawn….Orange on St Paddy’s Day is a real “no-no” with the true Irish.
    It will definitely not appear on Paddy’s tablescape or buffetscape! Sorry!

  4. love your retro St. Patrick’s Day buffet. the tiny daffodils are so sweet! We only have corned beef and cabbage once a year; not sure why as everyone loves it. I agree, the story of St. Patrick would make an amazing movie.

  5. I have some mini-daffodils in planters outside. Unfortunately they did not bloom this year. Love the “buffetscape”. Is it a real hunt board? I have always wanted one. I am descended from the Scots-Irish so we do not celebrate St. Pat’s :>)))

  6. Buffetscape is a great word and yours is adorable! Love the leg pillows, seen them for Halloween and Christmas but so so cute for St. Pats!

  7. Oh My Goodness…love it. You know, I think I have some of my Mother’s things in a box upstairs..maybe I should bring them into my tablescaping?
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

  8. All the colors of the Irish flag are represented nicely on your buffet, Dawn. I will have to see if I can find those mini daffodils, so cute!
    Have a great week.

  9. So glad you are having a buffet to serve your meal! I love all the wonderful treasures on display. The kelly green pyrex bowl caught my eye but my mother chose pink bowls and I bought a turquoise so that is in my cabinet. Luck of the Irish and I am a Irish from both sides of my family!


  10. Hi Dawn,
    Love your little set up fr the wearin’ of the Green!
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day and thanks for taking part in the 6th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Blog Crawl!

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