A Sheer Curtain Shortcut and Link Party 15

Welcome to the 15th week of the History & Home Link Party! Do you have a spot in your house that just bugs you?  Maybe a view from a window that’s not so pretty?  I do: it’s the view from our dinette windows, and there’s no avoiding it when I’m photographing a tablescape for We Call It Junkin.

Our backyard has been undergoing a metamorphosis for several months: construction of a new workshop, a screened porch, piles of lumber, vintage metal furniture in need of restoration, etc.  If I close my eyes, I see the finished projects, the landscaping and flowers that will eventually be, and birds at the feeders.  But now, it looks like this:



That’s the rusty, vintage metal furniture on the deck of the screened porch-to-be.  The porch is attached to Hubby’s new workshop, which may sound weird, but it was the only place to put one for reasons I won’t go into today.

I SO wish I had a beautiful, formal dining room!  What lovely photos of my tablescapes I could take!  But we have a small home, with just an eat-in kitchen.  I love our house, and have no plans to move, so a dinette it is.  But for tablescaping and blogging purposes, I really wanted to make things look nicer, more like a dining room, and do something about the construction view!

DSCN6546Piles of lumber above, ladder on the right.  Not so pretty with a pretty table. 

I remembered some old sheer curtains in the closet that I used in a former house.  One thing I learned from Mama – never throw away old curtains!  You never know when you might want to use them again.  I hoped the sheers would obscure the construction view but still let in enough light.  However, I just didn’t want to hang more curtain rods and put additional holes in the walls.  What if this didn’t have the effect I wanted?

I decided that pinning the sheers to my existing valances was the answer.  A great temporary fix, this allowed me to try out the new look without adding holes to the walls.  If we didn’t like it, take them down and no harm done!

I just stood on a chair and had my safety pins at hand.  TIP:  have them already opened, then you can grab and pin quickly.


I pinned the sheers to the back of the valance’s rod pocket.  This way, the pin doesn’t show from the front.  I also realized after some trial and error, that if I gathered and pleated the sheers a bit, they ended up looking just like they’re gathered on a rod!


I pinned the ends first, then the center, then worked my way across each half.  I can’t say it was any faster than just hanging additional rods, but it looks just as good, and like I said, no new holes in the walls if I change my mind.

What do you think?


It definitely obscures the view somewhat.



We’re really happy with the results!  I do feel like it has more of a “dining room” feel.  I can’t wait to see how my next tablescape photos come out.  If these dark, overcast days will just go away, I can shoot one!

Well, what about you?  What have you been up to?  Something for the home?  Vintage finds?  It’s your turn to share! Each weekly link party runs from 5am Eastern time, Tuesday, to late Friday night.

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11 thoughts on “A Sheer Curtain Shortcut and Link Party 15

  1. Hi, Dawn,
    Your dining area looks great! Like your Mom, my Mom, was a “curtain master” and always advised me to save mine. I have curtains that are really old, but I will not get rid of them. In fact, just last spring I changed out the valances in my family room with ones that hadn’t been used in years (since my daughter had used them in her first apartment!) and they changed the whole look in the room (for the better!). Have a good week. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  2. I think the curtains look great and what a change they made! Very clever to just pin them to the valence. Makes it look like a whole different room! Thank you for hosting!

  3. I think your idea was genius!!!! What a great way to try it out without committing for the long term! I do like the look, so it would seem that going ahead with permanent solution would be a great idea.

    Thanks for hosting the party, glad I stopped by.

  4. So clever, Dawn–the curtains look terrific. I would never have guessed they were pinned up. I’m jealous of your future screened-in porch 🙂 You’ve inspired me to put up sheers in my bedroom; I much prefer the look to plastic shades! Thanks for hosting the party–

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