Setting a Vintage and Thrifty Christmas Tablescape

I’m amazed looking at the pictures I took yesterday of this table I’ve set for the Christmas season, as nearly everything on the table came from my junkin excursions over the past year.  You can create a table like this, too, for very little money, by keeping your eyes open throughout the year at thrift stores, estate sales, yard sales, and antique shops.  And very soon, the after-Christmas sales at retail stores will be in full swing – don’t forget to take advantage of those!  Also, have you, perhaps, forgotten a family heirloom packed away in a closet?  Hmmmm….

Christmas tablescape table setting



This vintage tablecloth came from an estate sale last summer.  The dishes?  Thrift store.  They’re marked Christmas Village, with a Dollar Tree sticker. Well, I guess they’re not too vintage, ha ha!  I got the glasses at an after-Christmas sale, new, many years ago.  They’re Corelle Coordinates.

Christmas tablescape table setting



I used four thrift-store planters as napkin holders:

Christmas planter sleigh



Christmas Santa planter



Christmas vintage planter sleigh



Christmas vintage planter sleigh



The red place mats came from Bed, Bath, & Beyond a couple of years ago.  Everyone needs red place mats.  I use them for Christmas, Valentines Day, Independence Day, and really all the time since red is my favorite color.

In the background you can see the red plant stand I received for Mother’s Day and the vintage ceramic tree I picked from the side of the street.  Those are from a  long-ago Junkin Finds post I’ll share the link for at the end.

Christmas tablescape table setting



This sweet Mr. & Mrs. Claus salt &  pepper set came from the mall a few years ago. Lenox, love them!   The stainless flatware was my grandmother’s, passed down to me.   The Tom & Jerry mugs on the table match this bowl on the hunt board.  That set was a huge thrift store score last December I haven’t blogged about yet.  I love that set, hopefully I’ll do an article about it soon, including the history behind it.

vintage Hazel Atlas Tom Jerry bowl cups mugs



If you missed the making of the gingerbread house I’m using as a centerpiece, I’ll put a link to that article at the end, as well.  It’s easy!  No oven required – can you believe it?

Christmas tablescape table setting



I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at one of our family’s Christmas tables.  I’ll be doing another one in a blue and white scheme soon.  To make sure you don’t miss it, you may want to subscribe for emailed previews of each new post here on We Call It Junkin, or follow me on Pinterest, Twitter, or Google+.    Wishing you many blessings ~ Dawn

Christmas tablescape table setting


Articles referenced above:  Junkin Finds with the plant stand and ceramic tree.     No-Bake Gingerbread House.

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16 thoughts on “Setting a Vintage and Thrifty Christmas Tablescape

  1. Dawn,

    Your sweet Christmas tablescape could easily illustrate the pages of a children’s storybook, with its charming vintage mood and seasonal colours and patterns! Adorable, love the centerpiece!

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


    1. LOVe your tablescape. I agree….everybody should have a set of all red placements. I USED to have a set of six red ovals with ruffles and six dark holly green ovals to mix and match with but somewhere through the years they have disappeared! Something to add to the thrift-store hunts (besides a vintage Xmas tablecloth).

  2. Oh Dawn…I am pea green with envy over all your pretty Christmas dishes…in milk glass!!! I’m with you…I LOVE RED!! It does work for so many holidays, too.
    I have to go check out your gingerbread house…I missed that post.

    I showed a milk glass compote in a “copy-cat challenge” today that you might enjoy seeing. I bet you have the same one. LOL

    1. Agreed!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the milk glass… I am re-creating a white milk glass collection that got broken in a move, after 25 years of collecting. I had white milk glass “Holly-N-Berry crhistmas dish set, with matching serving pieces, that I re’d back in the early 1970s as a gift from my mom and dad! They added to the set for several years and then… they were all broken in the move! SO sad…. Love your dishes!

  3. Using the vases as a napkin holder is very creative! You have so many great ideas here and lots of inspiration. Thrift and dollar stores are often a tablescaper’s best friend. Love this table!

  4. I am really enjoying your tablescape with all the great thrift finds. The china is very Christmasy with the tree design. I like your idea to place napkins in the Christmas planters. You are so right to show how thrifting can set a pretty table!


  5. Hi, Dawn,
    I love your Christmas table and especially love the vintage tablecloth! You’re so right about keeping one’s eyes open throughout the year for Christmas decorating “finds”. I never consider Christmas until it’s almost upon us, but I’m going to be more vigilant this coming year while out antiquing! Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas. And thank you for your good wishes. I am on the mend and hoping for a better New Year! Fondly, Rosie

  6. What a festive table! My Christmas dishes came from a tag sale. I try to look for things all year long. Sadly I forget where I stashed them away when the season rolls around. I really like the ceramic sleighs!

  7. I don’t have one and don’t know what I would do with one, but I love Tom and Jerry bowl sets. A very festive table – I guess it is time to clean mine off :>)

  8. Dawn, I am just loving your Christmas tablescape. This is so cute. Using the Santa sleighs for napkin holders is so creative, and beautiful too! The plates are lovely, they look a lot like the Scio Christmas wreath pattern with the swirly edges. You do know once you get hooked on Christmas dishes it very difficult to stop buying them at every thrift store you pass by. They are always there, just waiting to jump into your cart. A set of Tienshan gingerbread dinner plates (cups and bowls too) hopped into my cart at Goodwill last night. I will add them to the other fifty somethingish plate patterns that I already have. They are everywhere all over the house. I will be stopping by to post on your History and Home link party.

  9. I had to enlarge the photo to get a good look at that tablecloth. At first, I thought it was a cable knit sweater design, but on further examination I see it is that really fancy…I don’t know what you call it, but I love it! The word will come to me 12 hours from now when I’m trying to fall asleep. 🙂 It’s beautiful, and I love the way you put the runners on 2 ends of the table.

    So this all pretty much came from junkin’? You really have the touch! I suck at it. I’m just not diligent enough, I suppose. I can wait out a 75% – 90% after-season sale, though, so that’s where a lot of my stuff comes from. I happed upon autumn stuff being sold at 75% off at Pier 1 the other day. Caught the 1st day of the sale, so I was able to score pretty big. There are four Pier 1 stores within a 20-mile radius of our home, so I hit them all. Hoping to get in on those after-Christmas sales, too, in January!

    Great table, great bargains! I hope that you and yours enjoy a great Christmas, too!

  10. Dawn, your table setting is so right for the holidays! Festive and pretty! Thank you for sharing this at my HOME and Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.


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