Scarecrows In The Garden

scarecrow ideas robert mills house and garden contest


Each year, the historic Robert Mills House and Garden in Columbia, South Carolina hosts its Scarecrows in the Garden competition.  Join me for a walk-around, where you can get dozens of ideas for your next scarecrow project!


Two Wizard of Oz displays: One with all four characters and a smashed witch!  One with a thrifty tin man.

scarecrow ideas wizard of oz


Plenty of Duck Dynasty on hand: Here is a great version of Uncle Si

scarecrow ideas duck dynasty uncle si


I walked right past the one on the left, he is so well-camouflaged.  Another Uncle Si on the right, they got the cup right.

scarecrow ideas duck dynasty uncle si


A lovely princess covered in spiders.  Note the arms made of stuffed hosiery.

scarecrow ideas spider princess


Fantastic!  Scarilyn Monroe!  Note the wire-rimmed dress for a blowing-over-the-steam-grate effect.

scarecrow ideas marilyn scarilyn monroe


Patron Saint of Gardeners.  Note they laminated the veggies for weather protection.

scarecrow ideas saint fiacre patron saint of gardeners garden


A colorful work of art on the left, with dishwashing gloves for hands, and a pirate with all the details on the right.

scarecrow ideas diva pirate


Roller Derby!  I wouldn’t want to get in her way!

scarecrow ideas roller derby roller skates


An incredible work of art by high school honors students.  Photos don’t do it justice.  A milk jug face!

scarecrow ideas milk jug face


Our State Museum is hosting the traveling King Tut exhibit right now.  Great scarecrow in his honor.

scarecrow ideas king tut south carolina state museum columbia sc robert mills house garden


This face is just so endearing, I wanted to take him by the hand and walk him around.  Fantastic work of art.

scarecrow ideas funny face


One of my faves of the whole exhibit, terrific details.  Take a close look at the book, pencil, eraser, ruler-belt.  Love.

scarecrow ideas school marm headmistress teacher lady woman


Such a realistic face!  Gardening gloves for hands, and this one has real shoes!

scarecrow ideas garden lady woman autumn flowers robert mills house


Wow. WOW!  I’m not a fan of the bloody side of Halloween, but I just loved this one. Amazingly good work!

scarecrow ideas edward scissorhands


Who’s that waiting beyond the arbor?  A kooky doctor! Note the rubber medical gloves for hands, foamies for the face.

scarecrow ideas doctor medical


This one’s for the tablescapers out there – she’s a tablescaper too!  Note the earrings, ponytail & bow, lack of hands. Superb!  Another fave, I took about 10 photos of her.

scarecrow ideas cooking chef baking kitchen queen diva


Someone put a lot of work into this. Note the use of straw and leaves sticking out all over, and corn cob water bottle.

scarecrow ideas bicycle pumpkins robert mills house contest


Ever thought of making a dog-scarecrow? And this man has the sweetest expression…awww…

scarecrow ideas dog man robert mills house columbia sc


UFO & alien.  Broken ankle (on orthopedic office’s entry, he he).

Historic Columbia Foundation’s Headless Historian.  Note the use of plastic bean pods for fingers.

scarecrow ideas ufo broken leg ankle headless robert mills house columbia sc


Corseted lady with flowers instead of a head – that’s a new idea.  The green-shirted Girls On The Run entry has pom-pons for hands.  You can always use a good-ole faux pumpkin for a face, with the stem as a nose.

scarecrow ideas corset lady girls on the run pumpkin head


A few more great ideas here.

scarecrow ideas runner boat boater sisters ladies women diva graduate smart kid


This art-loving entry has a great view of this historic house, designed by the man who also designed the Washington Monument, among many other important structures.

scarecrow ideas art artist robert mills house garden contest


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I hope you’ve found some inspiration here, I know I sure did!  I’m glad I don’t have to be the judge, it would be very difficult to have to pick the winner.  Which one would you choose? Let me know in the Comments section below.

To read more about the Robert Mills House and Garden, here is my walking tour from a few weeks ago.

To see how we built our own scarecrow, and how you can too, read this.   (Both open in a new window.)

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20 thoughts on “Scarecrows In The Garden

  1. What fun; a scarecrow competition! How creative they all are. Couldn’t choose a favourite although I thought the little tin man was cute. Thanks for sharing this at my HOME.


  2. I have to say I like King Tut and Scarilyn the best. This is a really fun post. I will book mark this one so I can find it next year and use some these very creative ideas for scarecrows.

    1. Good idea to bookmark it. I’d love to see what you make next year, maybe you’ll write a post on it?!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I’m the one that can never leave a comment on your site, I click on the comment thing and it just doesn’t do anything. Don’t know if it’s my computer or what. Glad I can link up at least! Take care – Dawn @ We Call It

  3. So fun! The wire rimmed dress on Marilyn Monroe has me cracking up! And I’m loving the cute little tin man. My boys would love Uncle Si, of course. 🙂 Definitely featuring in this week’s issue of Inspire Me Wednesday. Such great ideas here! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh my, this is creativity! I enjoyed this post, they all did an amazing job, the ones that got me the most were Scaryling (funny name), King Tut, the tablescaper, the milk jug face… Thanks for sharing! This needs to be pinned.

  5. How do they waterproof these? Is the Garden Lady’s head a mannequin? Need some ideas on how to build a waterproof head for our scarecrow.

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