Redecorating Addict plus History and Home Link Party

Welcome to the History and Home link party, week 28, where bloggers can share their articles on home decor and DIY, history, antiques, and vintage, and readers can just relax and enjoy.

If I were ever to host a show on HGTV, they’d have to call it Redecorating Addict, because I can’t leave things alone.

If you’ve followed my blog since the beginning, you already know this, because the wallpaper is constantly changing around here, isn’t it?

It’s the same way in my house, though.  We’ve been here 7 years this June, and all the rooms have been painted twice, some three times.  The screen porch has been redecorated many times in my head, and it’s not even done yet!

Last Thursday was We Call It Junkin’s eleven month birthday, and it got a wonderful present – the perfect theme.  Ah, sweet relief. Nearly a year of frustration is finally over!

If you’ve been here since the beginning,  you might remember this site looking like the image below.

  • WordPress theme – Coraline
  • header photo – Hazel Atlas Dutch Children bowl.        …but I wanted more features…

WCIJ Coraline


Enter theme #2:  Voyage.

WCIJ Voyage1


Here we are with Voyage after I designed my final header:  (This was header #5 I think? Kept redecorating that, too)

WCIJ Voyage2

…but there were a few things I didn’t like, so…

Enter theme #3:  BresponZive.  I didn’t have a screen shot of my site under this theme, so here’s theirs:

WCIJ Bresponzive

…but there were some issues with this one, mainly that the images on the home page often looked really distorted.


So I set off to redecorate WCIJ – again!  (Hubby rolled his eyes and groaned.  He’s seen me in tears over this before.)

But do you hear it?  Do you hear angels singing?  I found it!  The perfect WordPress theme…and it was free!

It’s called Sugar and Spice, and I absolutely love it.

WCIJ SugarSpice


Pretty colors, nice-looking fonts, and a lovely ribbon across the top for the menu.  I was able to use my gray floral background that I love, the images on the home page aren’t distorted, navigation is great, load time is better, set up was quick, no category names above the post titles – all the things I disliked about previous themes fixed in a flash!

I have declared that this is it!  I’m not changing it again!

If you’re reading this a year after I’ve written it and it no longer looks like that, you’ll know I was lyin’. I redecorated, again!

Yeah, we’ll see.  But I’ve made it five whole days without changing it and I still love it!  This is promising.

I am, however, thinking about painting the kitchen cabinets….


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15 thoughts on “Redecorating Addict plus History and Home Link Party

  1. I’ve got so much blog maintenance that I need to do, and I’m a year old! I just haven’t had the time to figure some stuff out yet. It’s crazy.

    Shannon ~

  2. Dawn, you crack me up, but I do like the latest design the best so far.
    I’m back in the garden again, this time looking back at lessons learned, 10 years after the overhaul of the landscape. Enjoy!
    Thanks for hosting the party, and offering the opportunity to share.
    Rita C at Panoply

  3. Hi Dawn,
    thanks for the Great Party!
    Happy Birthday for your great blog.
    It is very interesting to see and read how your blog has changed since I have found and visited your blog by chance.
    I find, as it is now, quite nice.

    Greetings from Germany

  4. Happy 11month birthday to We Call It Junkin! I love the theme, it looks fantastic. Sometimes it just takes time and lots of retries to finally find what we want. I’m glad to be back after a week out of blog land, I hope you have a great week too Dawn 🙂

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