Piano Bench Makes The Perfect Porch Coffee Table

Back in the summer, I dug this sturdy but rough-looking antique piano bench out of a lady’s horse barn: antique piano bench   I’ve wanted a lidded piano bench for a long time, because my mom has been using one for years on her front porch, and it makes the best coffee table for her outdoor haven.  We’re building a screened porch in our backyard, and I wanted this piano bench for the same purpose. It had this little tag attached, giving me a peek into its past: DSCN4249     Loved that!  I decided to paint it and was able to use a high gloss indoor/outdoor black paint we already had on hand, leftover from another project.  I painted the inside yellow, also using leftover paint. And here it is, the perfect porch coffee table: antique piano bench porch coffee table     Why is it perfect?  The storage under the lid, originally meant for storing sheet music, is a great place to keep magazines, candles, and a lighter. antique piano bench porch coffee table     My little Freddie sure approves. antique piano bench porch coffee table     He just wishes his Mama would put down that darn camera and come rock him on the glider.  He does love a glider ride! antique piano bench porch coffee table     Now, to get the roof, walls, and screen on the porch.  I’m keeping the table in the shed at night until the roof is at least in place.  Then the next big project will be to do a complete reno on this vintage metal furniture.  I’m a preservationist at heart, but this set is too far gone, it’s got to be repaired and repainted.  I think we’ve settled on aqua… The next time you see an old lidded piano bench for sale somewhere, don’t think, “Well, I don’t have a piano…”   Instead, think, “Can I use a new coffee table?”  You just might want to pick it up! antique piano bench porch coffee table     If you like seeing antiques, vintage, and history, we have lots of that here at We Call It Junkin.  So you may want to… closing Even if you already visited folks at my link-up Tuesday, We Call It Olde, lots more folks have linked their posts on antiques, vintage, and history after you visited, perhaps, so you may want to check them out. I’m sharing this makeover with these great link-ups, check them out:

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11 thoughts on “Piano Bench Makes The Perfect Porch Coffee Table

  1. Great job! 🙂 I use my piano bench at Xmas time as a little table by a lounge chair in the living room. When I thought that up I thought that I was extremely brilliant that day. Ha ha and then I saw yours. WOW! 🙂

    1. Well, I think you ARE extremely brilliant, Debra! Thanks for you sweet comment, have a great evening. -Dawn

  2. I have always thought a piano bench would make a great coffee table and yours looks fabulous! It’s perfect for your screened in porch. Wonderful job and thanks for sharing it at my HOME.


  3. Great table indeed Dawn. I agree they are so handy for so many things. Wouldn’t mind running across one myself. Love it painted black! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. Great idea! I noticed there is a tag for “Rikard Nursing Home” on the back. Where did you purchase this piece? Just curious. We used to have a Rikard Nursing Home near us but they were bought out by a local hospital. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I bought it at a yard sale in the Columbia SC area, but I don’t know where the lady having the yard sale had gotten it. It had been in her barn for quite a while, judging by how much stuff was piled on top of it! Thanks for reading, stop by again soon! -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

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