Pass the Salt, Please

The recent “find” of a mid-century dinette set (see previous post) has led to a whole new facet of collecting.  Salt and pepper shakers with coordinating napkin holders have been calling to me.  It seems that they used to be a lot more common than they are now.  I did see a monkey and banana S & P set and some non-matching napkin holders in Tuesday Morning recently, but junkin’ seems to be the best way to find coordinated sets, both elegant and whimsical.

I found this pretty set in a huge thrift store in Spartanburg, SC last year, and it’s now in the middle of our new table.


Fruit salt, pepper, napkin holder


Here are some more I found on eBay.  Rather than adding a link, which might be expired by the time you see it, just do a search in eBay using descriptive words, if you’d like to view one.  

(None of these are my listings)


This plastic Thanksgiving set includes a butter dish, too

Thanksgiving salt, pepper, napkin holder


Wouldn’t this lovely Enesco set be terrific for Independence Day?

Bill of Rights salt, pepper, napkin holder


If you’re into cooking Greek food:

Greek salt, pepper, napkin holder


The next two sets almost ended up taking turns on my kitchen table, but I resisted.  

Owls salt, pepper, napkin holder


Kissing Dogs salt, pepper, napkin holder

The dogs’ noses are magnetic, so they kiss!


Speaking of dogs, here’s a fabulous mid-century set marked Ucago Japan. 

Ucago Japan MCM Dogs salt, pepper, napkin holder


For the cat lover, here’s a similar but even cooler atomic-looking set by Holt Howard

Holt Howard Cat MCM salt, pepper, napkin holder

I’m either too busy, or just too lazy, to tuck napkins into each of those little coils though!


Another great set for the cat lover, which includes a toothpick holder, bowl (sugar bowl without lid?) and a matching tray to hold it all:

Cats salt, pepper, napkin holder


Then…there’s this set.  

Elves salt, pepper, napkin holder

Elves peeking around trees.  From the back they look like this:

Elves salt, pepper, napkin holder

From the front, this:

Elves salt, pepper, napkin holder

How’d you like that staring at you every morning?

Elves salt, pepper, napkin holder


Finally, this whimsical and thoroughly corny way to serve corn on the cob:

Crows Corn on the Cob Napkin, Salt, Pepper, Dishes Set

Nothing cornier than corn!  The napkin holder says “Napping Kins”


Must resist … temptation to put together …. coordinating placemats, salt and pepper shakers, napkin holders … dishes ….. glasses ……. mugs ……… coasters……… 


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4 thoughts on “Pass the Salt, Please

  1. Yep! Don’t get too carried away and create a VERY coordinated kitchen. That would be scary! I love the atomic cat one, but I’m like you — I’m not going to tuck napkins in each coil. If I did, I would leave them there, and get new ones to use from the rest of the supply!

    1. I agree, Fonda, too-coordinated is not my thing either. And yes, the napkin thing would be like, “Don’t use the pretty towels, those are for display, use the one hanging behind the door” ha ha ha, I know a lot of us can relate to that 🙂

  2. I just love this stuff. I collected for years, but when I moved they had to go, just not enough room for everything. I just always thought these things have such character and just plain cuteness. Good for you.

    1. Me too, I’ve been paring down my collection over the last couple of years. I wonder why no one seems to make this stuff anymore, everything is just so plain…

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