Old Ads Conjure Memories and Link Party Week 19

While recently photographing some 1960s magazines to sell for a friend on eBay, I realized that old advertising is a great way to take a trip down memory lane, and even to learn a few things about our world, perhaps, before we came along.

For example, did you know that sofa beds used to be called Hide-A-Beds, and that the bed used to run end-to-end?

Ladies Home Journal March 1967 Ad Old Advertising Vintage


I do remember them being called by that name when I was a kid, and actually, I think that looks a lot more comfortable.  No bar in your back!  Sofas used to be a lot longer, as evidenced by all the mid-century sofas donated to one particular thrift store in my area.  No wonder the bed could run that way, the sofas were longer.  I vote we go back to that, maybe sofa beds would actually be somewhat comfortable!

This was surprising.  Remember a few years ago when Electrasol dishwasher tablets changed their name to Finish?  I had the hardest time remembering to write the new name on my grocery list.  Well, apparently, in 1967, there was a Finish then too!

Ladies Home Journal March 1967 Ad Old Advertising Vintage


What-the-what?  So was it Finish, then they changed it to Electrasol, then back to Finish?  I’m so confused.

I got keyed up when I saw this Nestles ad, because I have one of these vintage chocolate chip bags!  It was tucked into an old cookbook I found, saved for the Toll House Cookie recipe.  You can see the actual bag here, with its 23 cents price stamp.  Note: this ad is a recipe for Toll House Kookie Brittle. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll bet it’s good!  

Ladies Home Journal March 1967 Ad Old Advertising Vintage

We interrupt this blog post so I can go make a glass of chocolate milk, as I now have a sudden craving…..

….and, we’re back!

Jello Golden Egg Custard mix?  Never heard of it.  Now I have.

Ladies Home Journal March 1967 Ad Old Advertising Vintage


Rubbermaid evidently had big success with the Lazy Susan market.  I actually have the one on the far left, found at a thrift store.  These things sell online for crazy money sometimes.  Practical, useful, and a piece of the past.

Ladies Home Journal March 1967 Ad Old Advertising Vintage

Remember Madge?  I remember Madge!  Was that the longest-running ad campaign or what? Madge and Mr. Whipple.  Look at this ad carefully…Palmolive was new.

Ladies Home Journal March 1967 Ad Old Advertising Vintage

I like this last ad because it gives us a look at kitchens of the late 1960s.  The dark wooden cabinets, the hardware, the exposed brick wall (often fake), and the all-important brown refrigerator.

Ladies Home Journal March 1967 Ad Old Advertising Vintage

These ads are from the March, 1967 issue of  Ladies Home Journal.  At the time of this writing, the issue is for sale on eBay as part of a Kennedy family collection of books and magazines and you can view it here.  I’m sharing this with Kathe With An E at her Anything Goes party this week, and Ivy and Elephants.

Thanks for visiting and reading about these great old ads, and now it’s time to see what our History & Home Link Party linkers have to share this week!

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21 thoughts on “Old Ads Conjure Memories and Link Party Week 19

  1. Old magazines are like time machines. For family and friends birthdays I try to find one near their birth date to give as a present. I have a collection of Christmas ones I leave out during the season. Thanks for hosting!

  2. You know I love to do this type of post, I was actually thinking of working on another one, great to see someone else giving it a try!

  3. Hi Dawn! Thanks so much for hosting the party. I love your post 🙂 Very fun and informative. Such a trip down memory lane. I can’t believe you didn’t mention the gal in the fencing outfit–crazy! Blessings, Diana

  4. Oh these images are so pretty. I also wanna share images of the book the guide to entertainment, beside the great tips, the images are pretty awesome, retro colors, unique designs like these you are showing today.

  5. Love those old ads, Dawn. Speaking of ads, did you know that there used to be a marketing ad for selling wallpaper with DDT in the paper?!! Yep, “tested and commended by Parents Magazine”! It was marketed by Trimz, and sold as a children’s room wall and ceiling paper! I tried to attach the image here but couldn’t – hilarious. Thanks again for hosting. I’m dreaming of a green spring and planning annual container combinations this week. 🙂

  6. You mean Madge isn’t in the Palmolive ad’s anymore? I thought I was missing her for a while 🙂 I did bookmark the cookie brittle recipe, they look like a very tasty treat to munch on while sipping hot chocolate when that new ten inches of snow is falling tomorrow. I signed up again to get the notices when you post. For some reason I was not getting them anymore and I was missing your new posts. Have a great week and thank you for Hosting. I linked to your party because of all the vintage goodies in my post. I have been so lucky lately in finding some really cute stuff. I especially like the little Irish lass in my post.

  7. I love thsoe ads! We had one of the Rubbermaid Lazy Susans when I was growing up. Mom kept spices and cookie sprinkles on it…and I’m sure other things, but those are all I remember.

    And Hubby and I had one of those 60s brown ovens in our kitchen, installed in about 1992. Our newer stove had given out and we adopted the brown one out of a relatives garage as a temporary fix. It sat on cinderblocks until we sold the house and had to replace it with something better.

  8. I hope you don’t mind but I linked my new post from today. Lots of pretty happy finds from over the years. Check out the cute cherub candle holders. Love, love, love, to go junkin for pretty treasures. There’s cute new stuff too. Happy Valentines Week !!!


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