New Uses for Old Campers

As a people, we are getting better and better at reducing, reusing, and recycling, and it’s a good thing, too, because our poor Earth has been getting pretty polluted.  That’s why I often feel sad when I see rows and rows of used coffee cups, just as one example, in thrift stores.  I think about all the brand new ones in every retail store in the world, and feel like we’re just being so wasteful. Why do we keep making new when we can use perfectly good “olde”?  

That’s why I’m very happy when I see an old travel trailer / camper being restored, still used, and even repurposed.  Why put an old camper in a dump, when just a little effort and money can give it a whole new life?  

This terrific old fifth wheel is the home of an ice cream shop at the SC State Farmer’s Market.  

vintage fifth wheel travel trailer camper repurposed store

Wouldn’t it have been so much fun to be a little kid sleeping in that little loft area?  They’ve given it cool paint job and the stars just amp up the fun factor.

vintage fifth wheel travel trailer camper repurposed

This next one is a cute little clothing boutique I recently spotted at a Greek festival:

vintage travel trailer camper canned ham repurposed store

Ah, the chandelier in the front window!  Those panoramic front windows are something I think is seriously lacking in today’s modern campers.  

Here are a couple more examples I found with an Internet search.  This Airstream has been turned into the coolest diner in town:

vintage airstream camper trailer diner repurposed

Found on Pinterest

How about making your own custom houseboat?

Image result for old camper reuse

Also found on Pinterest

Or…a travel trailer condo?

vintage camper stage set condo

I found this on a very cool website if you’re into vintage campers, ReCamp

It’s actually not a condo, though, it’s a stage set for an outdoor play!  Here is a photo with the audience:



There’s just no end to what you can do with a vintage travel trailer, it seems.  You could turn one into a lemonade stand, a backyard guest house, or a playhouse for the grandkids.

Of course, you could always use one for camping. 🙂 



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9 thoughts on “New Uses for Old Campers

  1. I’m totally in-love with the little pink and white boutique camper, perfect for glamping, right! It is funny that you show this post today because I have been looking at restored campers on line, some dating back to 1939. They are so pretty and have been so well restored. I just love them all.

    1. There are some really unique and interesting Australian campers from past decades you can find online, too, they call them caravans. They are so unique and cool!

  2. This post put a smile on my face, Dawn. We just recently have gotten into RV camping, and purchased a used RV a few months ago. It is in excellent condition and we’ve had so much fun taking the grandkids on overnight trips! Now I’m thinking when our travels are over, we just may have to re-purpose it………..a thought I had never even considered. Lots of possibilities. Thanks for sharing this interesting concept!
    Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  3. What wonderful uses for old campers! I have seen old school buses repurposed as small houses for a lake lot or woodland property. I like to see things reused. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’ve seen the school buses turned into campers but not a lake house – that’s fantastic! We actually just saw a small school bus placed on a pontoon boat base and floating across the lake a few weeks ago. Crazy sight!

  4. My brother has several vintage red and white Shasta campers. I once wanted to use one for a booth in an antique mall set up in a vast old garage. The owner did not see my vision and turned me down. Love your toadstool border.

    1. Thanks, Donna! Your antique mall camper booth is such a great idea, too bad you weren’t allowed to do it! Wow, your brother has SEVERAL? I dream of one day having one…

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