New Deck Reveal!

Our long-time dream of building a new deck has finally come true!  It’s not 100% finished, but it’s finished enough that I can show y’all.  Today we’ll look at the deck, re-done wicker and cushions, restored vintage motel chairs, and lighted planters, so I hope you enjoy it and get some ideas that you can use, too.


I can’t believe I’m showing this embarrassing picture, but here’s what the back of our house looked like before we built the new deck.  You can see the header board (unpainted) that used to hold the original deck onto our house.  That old deck was about 8′ x 11′ and was getting so dilapidated, you could feel the deck bouncing when our 40 pound dog walked across it! It was up pretty high above the ground, and would you believe, when we tore it down, we discovered the posts had only been set 18″ in the ground, and not in concrete?  Yikes!  That was a disaster waiting to happen.  I looked for a photo of the old deck but couldn’t find any, but here’s what our messy yard looked like after it was gone.




Last spring we spent Mother’s Day weekend running a two-man auger, drills, and saws, and Hooray!  Our new 12′ x 24′ deck is done!


We built this deck much lower than the old one was, so that it’s more of a platform deck on the high side of the yard (foreground in the photo above), and is about 4′ above ground on the lower side of the yard.  On the far end we added a terrific trellis, which I’m going to write about more next week.  As for that long side on the left in the photo, we don’t plan to add any railing. We just want it to feel very open.  We do have to be careful on that far end because it’s up rather high, and we might add some steps down there later. 



Now that the dirty work was done, it was time to decorate!

The dining set was a bit of an odyssey.  Although the chairs were easy to find ($39 each at Lowes) the table was very hard to find for a decent price.  There are plenty of 4′ round tables in that black metal mesh out there, but a big rectangular table to seat 6 was elusive, if you didn’t want to spend $1000.  Finally, Amazon popped up with one for around $200 and even with the 1-month back shipping date, it was well worth the wait. I made place mats from this JoAnn’s fabric which I also used to recover the old chair cushions. 

black metal iron mesh patio dining set place mats deck


If you’d like to look for similar patio furniture, you can click on this little photo to see what Amazon has currently. 


Let’s move on to those vintage metal motel chairs.  I’ve always loved this type of chair, and was so happy to find some a few years ago for $25 each. They were white and chippy, rusty crusty at its best.  This is how they looked when they used to live on our screened porch:

screen porch furniture metal bouncer motel patio chair

screen porch metal vintage glider bouncer motel patio chair


We finally got around to sanding and painting them.  (Those of you who remember my screened porch reveal may be surprised to learn that we sold that fabulous metal glider!  We didn’t need it anymore because we redecorated the screened porch, and that’s something I’ll be sharing with y’all soon.)



We already had the aqua cushions, and I made the little lumbar pillows with that same fabric from JoAnne’s. 

Next up is the wicker set.  We’ve had this PVC wicker set for about 15 years.  It came from Lowe’s and was dark green with green, white, and yellow floral cushions.  I am so disappointed in myself y’all – I didn’t take a “before” photo!  Shame on you, Dawn, bad blogger! So you just have to use your mind’s eye. The green PVC had really faded badly from sitting in the sun for many years, and the cushions were faded even worse.  However, that was nothing that a few twenty cans of black PVC spray paint and new fabric couldn’t fix.



Let’s see, what else can I fix up with spray paint?  

The planter boxes lined up along the long side of the deck, which gets higher on the far end of the yard due to the slope, forms a nice visual barrier so we don’t get too close to that edge!  We planted different colors of sweet potato vine, Creeping Jenny, and marigolds and coleus in them and added solar lights.



Here they are at night:



And I must show my cute little mushrooms my mother gave me for my birthday.



That’s it for now, but soon I’ll be sharing that vine-covered trellis behind the wicker, including how inexpensively we built it, and what’s planted on it.  Gotta’ run, I have a busy bird feeder and a cup of coffee waiting for me. 


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