Nancy Lynn’s Cute Fruit and Vintage Camper Gal

YouTube has pretty much replaced television for me.  In fact, I cut the cord on my cable company a few months ago.  There’s just so much cool olde stuff to see on YouTube, from urban explorers to abandoned places to vintage travel trailer tours, who needs those obviously scripted “reality” TV shows? 

Today I want to introduce you to a darling lady I’ve discovered on YouTube.  Mary, who goes by the moniker Vintage Camper Gal Wisconsin, is just adorable with her mid-western accent and truly vintage clothes, hair, and makeup.  

She has a fun series called Morning Coffee, plus videos on cool finds and places.  But my favorite video of hers is her camper tour, and I’ll post a link to that below.

It was because of that video that I was introduced to a mid-century designer called “Nancy Lynn”.  There’s not much online about this name, except that the silly fruit designs were produced on kitchen items in the 1960s and / or 1970s, and evidently sold at Sears.  (There is also a series of mushroom designs.)


The photo above is a set of Nancy Lynn glasses I recently spotted at an antiques mall.  This style is called “anthropomorphic”, meaning giving human characteristics to non-human things, and lots of people collect anthropomorphic items.  

A few weeks ago I ordered a set of place mats with these designs from an eBay seller, but boo hoo!  They were destroyed in transit!  (That’s actually what the message said, “Destroyed in transit, not returnable”)  It was actually in transit when that train hit and destroyed a Fed Ex truck, so I wonder if that’s what happened to them?!

 Anyway, here’s Mary and her FABULOUS late-mid-century camper tour.  The tour starts and the wind-noise improves about the 1 minute mark where I’m starting it, and the interior tour starts after the 2 minute mark. You don’t want to miss it!

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2 thoughts on “Nancy Lynn’s Cute Fruit and Vintage Camper Gal

  1. Seeing her trailer made me miss my old 79 Wilderness. That old trailer gave us several good years, lived in it for months at a time in 3 different states. Her trailer is set up much like mine was. Hubs has his own little trailer, 13 ft. 73′ Jet. Has an actual icebox instead of frig. No toilet, has a closet we put porta potty in, comes in handy depending on where we are.
    Haven’t used it for long time as hubs had stroke in 2010. Just seems to have lost love of camping. Used to go with our daughter and her family to local campgrounds. I miss going, loved when we lived in my trailer. Sold it to somebody who was willing to do repairs from dry rot of body.
    Am bit of a gypsy so loved the trailer life. Used to go with hubs when he was trucker, all over US and some of Canada. We’d be gone for weeks at a time with our little dog.
    Loved the way this lady dressed. I was born in 1940 so her mode of dress is quite familiar to me. We lived in Ohio til I was 10.sure enjoyed the video.
    Have wonderful weekend.

    1. Hi JaneEllen, what great memories you have, and you actually lived in your little trailer? That’s so cool! There’s a trend now to downsize and do the “tiny house” thing, and I’ve seen where a lot of folks are living in old Airstreams and such. Hope your husband is doing well and maybe y’all can get back into camping some day. Take care, Dawn

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