Miniature Fairy Gnome Gardens

Having jumped on the latest bandwagon in gardening, here are four miniature gardens I created recently, two of which are planted in junkin’ finds.

Broken Flower Pot Mini Garden

We’ve probably all seen this a zillion times on Pinterest, and the other day I realized I had a perfectly-broken flower pot in my yard for one of my own.  I bought just a couple of props on sale at Big Lots, pulled sedum and Creeping Jenny from places in my own yard, and put this little garden together in just a few minutes.  The steps aren’t “holding” very well, I may replace them with wood disc steps like I used in the next garden. 

Broken Flower Pot Miniature Fairy Gnome Garden

Whiskey Barrel Miniature Garden

This plastic whiskey barrel planter came from Lowe’s, and the mini garden that evolved was a birthday present to my mom.  I gave it to her two weeks early, too excited to wait, and she really loved it.  We call her The Plant Whisperer, and she’s much more likely to keep the plants alive in the South Carolina July heat than I am, anyway.  The wood steps are just discs cut from a branch and hot-glued together.  I had to use wood glue to get it to adhere to the side of the terra cotta pot.  I made a firewood pile next to the house from a stick, and painted mushrooms I made from sticks and acorn caps. 

Whiskey Barrel Miniature Fairy Gnome Garden


Coke Crate Miniature Garden

Made from a junkin’ find, this Coke crate was the perfect base for my camper birdhouse garden.  The camper was a birthday gift to me from mom a few years ago. I lined the crate with coconut liner, and planted a petunia, sedum, and made a fake tree from a stick and preserved moss.  I have plans to make a BBQ grill out of a mini-Altoids tin, too.

Miniature Coke Crate Fairy Gnome Garden

You may have noted by now that I like using gnomes instead of fairies.  Nothing against fairies, I’ll probably get some at some point. I’ve also seen really cute pixies that are available, and suspect a few of those may move in one day.

Thrift Store Basket Miniature Garden

Finally, this little frog-house garden is nestled in a thrift-store basket, and is awaiting the addition of a frog that I’ll probably make out of painted rocks.  Thrift Store Basket Frog House Miniature Garden

So now that I’m completely hooked on mini gardens, I have plans to build a raised bed the entire 24′ length of my deck and turn it into a fairy – gnome – pixie haven.  That’s about #47 on my to-do list, so we’ll see when and if that happens.

Lots more miniature gardens on my Pinterest board!

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6 thoughts on “Miniature Fairy Gnome Gardens

  1. Dawn it is addictive. Your little gardens are adorable. I have a big one at the back of my house, I even made a river that runs through the village, I use gnomes and fairies and I have used some pixies, I just have fun with them and I take them to a nursing home and give them to the residents and they love them, I do keep some. They are just so much fun.

  2. So. Darn. Cute. You have a lovely imagination. All of them are so different and sweet. Thank you for sharing.

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