Midcentury Pebble Art

A few decades back, pebble art was a trendy make-at-home craft.

The young crafters of today, busy with scrapbooking and furniture distressing, might have been gluing thousands of little pebbles to backing boards had they lived in the 1960s and 1970s.


vintage pebble gravel art boy girl praying

Also known as “gravel art”, the photos above and below are examples that I’ve found in local thrift stores.

I didn’t buy the ducks, regretted it, went back the next day, and this beauty was gone.



Many of these works of art were made from kits, like this one that’s currently for sale by an eBay seller:

Vintage 1965 Craft Master PONY Mosette Boutif Gravel Art & Frame Kit ~Complete!


An images search for “vintage pebble art” bought up all kinds of great examples.



The king and queen cards below look pretty detailed



If you do an image search without the word “vintage”, you’ll find these:



Isn’t it interesting to see how this art form has changed? Which style do you like better?  The colorful, fanciful midcentury pieces, or the sleek, elegant modern ones?

I don’t know about you, but I feel inspired to pick up some tiny pebbles and get out the glue.


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