Link Party, Week 12, History and Home

It’s been a week of exciting changes around here.  If you’re previewing this on email or Bloglovin, click over to the site to see the new header and button, and the expanded link party!  Plus, some great olde dishes.  In addition to inviting writers to link their posts on antiques, vintage, and history, the “We Call It Olde Link-Up” has expanded to welcome posts on anything home-related, and is now the “History and Home” link party.  Why?

Because I knew that some people were concerned their “olde” item wasn’t “olde” enough, or vintage enough, to share at the party, and I didn’t want people to feel left out.  I also knew some folks wanted to join with posts on things that weren’t old at all.  So, problem solved, more fun for everybody. 🙂

First, More Fabulous Dishes From The “Crack House”

If you didn’t read my story about the dishes I got from my husband’s hunt club, then that line probably took you very much by surprise!  You can read all about it here, including a look at those gorgeous atomic dishes.  (It’s not really a crack house, that’s just a nickname!) Picking up where that story left off, a couple of weeks later, Hubby calls me from the hunt club and says, “There are some more old dishes here no one ever uses.  You’ll never get them clean.  Their glass and kind of a light green and say Fire King.”

Fire King jadeite plates dishes

I’m embarrassed to say it took me a minute to realize he was describing jadeite.  And I call myself a collector.  Well!  It’s because I didn’t have any jadeite, because I can never afford it because antique dealers seem to think it’s made of solid gold!  So obviously I said, “YES if they don’t want it bring it home!”  Which brings me to these lovelies:

Fire King jadeite plates dishes

He was almost right – I thought I’d never get them clean.  Had they been buried in the yard?

Fire King jadeite plates dishes

Second, a Quick Tip On Header And Button Design

I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and saying “Thank you” when someone helps you out.  Especially when it’s free.  So:

  • “Thank you!” to Pic Monkey, a free website where I designed my new header.
  • And “Thank you!” to Pixlr, where I do all kinds of photo editing for free, including cropping the little house image I got free from-
  • The Graphics Fairy – “Thank you, too, Graphics Fairy!”
  • Finally, “Thank you” to this incredible website Grab My Button Code Generator.  Forget about trying to write the code for a blog button.  Just plug your info into this generator and it makes it for you. Free. You Rock GMBCG!

Third, Finally, Time To Party!

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16 thoughts on “Link Party, Week 12, History and Home

  1. Loving those dishes, will confess don’t know a lot about them but thinking they would look sweet set as a Christmas tablescape….add a little red! Thanks for hosting my friend. Diane

  2. Hi Dawn, wow I love those Jadeite dishes, you have prompted me to look the world over for some, love the color. Sometimes when your given something that others think is trashey or dirty it turns out to be a real treasure! Merry Christmas to you! Lisa @ Sweet Tea N’ Salty Air Thanks for hosting, really enjoying looking at all these old treasures

  3. Hi, Dawn: your “new look” is great!! You’ve been a busy blogger!! I like the expanded link party as well. Once the holidays are over, I will start participating. I’ve got some interesting finds from my “cousins-in-law”. Enjoy these hectic times, and my best to you and yours. Rosie

  4. Dawn, what a find! I love jadite and am gradually getting a few pieces. A while back I found a mug and saucer at a thrift. Even there they had each piece marked $10. The sales clerk said, “I’m giving them both to you for $10. I took them for that, but seriously $20 at a thrift? Then I found 4 saucers at an antique store for $4 each. Nabbed them too. I also found a measuring cup set. One has a chip, but still too cute to not bring home. I am always on the look out for more. Hard to find and pricey like you say. Good score! Thanks for the tip about the button generator thing. Sounds like a great thing. I’ll be checking it out! Merry Christmas!

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