Junkin’ Finds for Valentines

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

Several months ago I bought a whole box of old teddy bear figurines at a thrift shop for one low price.

For Valentines Day, I thought I’d share the lovey-dovey ones with you.

Lucy Riggs & Me Bear Valentines


They’re Lucy Riggs & Me collectibles, and they were sold at gift shops and card shops. 

This cute pair could have donned the top of someone’s wedding cake, who knows?


Lucy Riggs & Me Bears Bride Groom Wedding

Many still had the original price stickers on them.  They averaged around $15-$19 each, and they’re all dated from the 1980s and 1990s.  

I got a real kick out of this Adam and Eve set.

Lucy Riggs & Me Bears Adam Eve

Eve has a leaf on her back-side, but Adam doesn’t.  Oh, my!

I have another thirty or forty of these, I’ll try to show y’all some more another time.

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2 thoughts on “Junkin’ Finds for Valentines

  1. What an awesome find, can use them for several holidays. Could give some for gifts.
    Looks like you have some wonderful old treasures to be found in your area.. I know I sure miss the vintage stores I frequented in Ky when we lived there. Just not as good in Grand Junction and prices can be outrageous. Even our thrift stores are expensive here. Boy do I wish we could take a trip back to Bowling Green area and had lots of money to spend.
    Love that bread box you have, it’s a great one.
    Happy Valentines Day

    1. Thanks JaneEllen (what a pretty name) We have expensive thrift stores here too, one that thinks it’s a high-end antiques shop. Luckily we have some very thrifty ones too

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