Junkin’ Finds: Otagiri Seagulls

Hello, friends!

Just a quick show-and-tell of a few cool finds over the last few months, all attributed (after web research) to Otagiri Japan, a prolific importer of home decor from the mid-to-late 20th century.


A coffee cup and coordinating soup mug, found on the same day in two different thrift shops.

Otagiri seagull mug and soup mug

Someone bought the soup mug within hours of me listing it on eBay.


Here’s a “grand mug” I found several months ago, also already sold in my online shop.

Otagiri grand mug seagulls


Here’s another pretty Otagiri mug.  This one has its original foil sticker identifying it as Otagiri.

Well, it’s not a seagull, but it’s awfully cute:

Otagiri cup lamb mug sheep


Here’s some information on Otagiri from an eBay article:

Otagiri is a name often used to describe a variety of stoneware that was widely sold in souvenir outlets and department stores in the West Coast from the 1950’s for about 47 years. In fact, the name was initially used in reference to the company that was involved in the importation and distribution of the porcelain and stoneware. The Otagiri Mercentile Company (OMC) imported the handcrafted and hand-painted ceramics made in Japan for distribution to high-end department stores as well as gift shops mainly in San Francisco. OMC also functioned as a third party manufacturing company, making products for other organisations like the San Francisco Music Box Company and Gibson Greetings. Celebrated artists such as Bob Harrison, Wendy Morgan, Kurt R. Kress and Tom Taylor were routinely hired to design Otagiri products.
After operating for more than two decades, OMC finally registered as a trademark in 1980 in the US. Otagiri Mercentile Company was later on sold to another company that specialises in the manufacture of collectibles in 1994 and not later afterward, manufacture of the ceramics was discontinued. 


Next time, I’ll have some Valentines Finds to show you.

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