Junkin Finds: Halloween Edition

Welcome to another Junkin Finds, and this time I’m showing you some things I’ve picked up junkin that are either really Halloweeny, or have the right colors to use in Halloween displays and table settings.  There’s a lot of mid-century goodness to see here, so let’s get started.

I remember these plastic popcorn thingies from my elementary school classrooms in the 70s.  My teachers always had them for each season, and oh, how I’ve been wanting some.  Usually, they’re very faded when I spot them, and too much money.  I was happy to find this guy cheap and bright.

halloween junkin finds vintage popcorn wall decor decoration



And while we’re in the 1970s, here’s a wonderful blow mold that isn’t technically my find, but something I cherish.  My grandmother bought me this when I were just a wee baby, and they’re highly collectible now:

halloween junkin finds vintage blow mold ghost pumpkin



Two yard sale finds from recent years:  the table cloth was $1, and I think the little ceramic house was about $3.  The house has a blue light bulb that flashes eerily, mwahahaha…

halloween junkin finds tablecloth light up house ceramic


halloween junkin finds tablecloth light up house ceramic


halloween junkin finds tablecloth light up house ceramic



And now for my favorite (and the same for lots of you) — Kitchen Glass!

Vintage Hazel Atlas juice glasses and decanter, that just happen to look a lot like candy corn.

halloween junkin finds vintage hazel atlas juice decanter glasses white yellow orange stripes


Of all the old juice bottles the glass companies used to make, I like the HAs the best.  That shape and the ribbed neck is very easy to grasp one-handed.  Oh yes, we use it!  Hand wash only, though, dishwashers and vintage glass don’t get along!

Here is the Hazel Atlas mark, which many folks confuse for Anchor Hocking.  The Anchor Hocking mark has an anchor (modern) or an anchor with a capital H (older).  Hazel Atlas always used this capital H over a capital A.

Hazel Atlas mark



And finally, my Halloween-ish bowls.  I really love olde milk glass bowls.  Aaahhhhhh.

Left to right, we have:  Federal orange dots, Fire King orange/yellow cereal bowl (may be called Poppy, does anyone know?), Fire King black dots splash-proof bowl.

halloween junkin finds vintage federal bowl fire king bowl dots



Some of the kids got together for a group photo.

halloween junkin finds vintage milk glass bowls fire king federal hazel atlas juice glass blow mold popcorn decor



Alright, y’all, back into the pie safe display with ya, and you Ghostie, back on the mantle.  Photo shoot’s over.


Do you have any Halloween junkin finds you’d like to tell me about?  I’d like to know, so tell me in the Comments section.  Or tell me what you like here.  I love to hear from y’all.  I try to respond when I can, or repay the visit to your website if you have one.

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24 thoughts on “Junkin Finds: Halloween Edition

  1. Love, love the glass set, they are sweet and so perfect for this time of the year! I own one vintage Halloween item and I bought that on Ebay a few years ago, I never see anything in the thrifts! Poor me! My lone item is on my blog!

  2. Hi, Dawn: you got quite a haul! I love your juice glass set and your bowls. I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to do any scouting, but seeing your cute things makes me want to get to the thrift stores again! Have a great weekend. Rosie

  3. Would love to find some of those polka dot bowls. And they are practical too–you can use them all the time, not just for Halloween. You can justify anything if you want to!!!!

  4. I have a small collection of vintage Halloween blow molds that I will share next week. I don’t have your sweet ghost though! Definitely putting it on my To Look For list.

    Hazel Atlas is second on my list after Pyrex for vintage glass I like to collect. I would love to find that juice jar set. How perfect is it for Halloween? Oh, and those Fire King black dot bowls? I have them in red and have now decided I need them in black for Halloween. Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. I remember those decorations with all the plastic pieces, we had a bunch of Christmas ones. Love your finds, especially those bowls.

    1. I’m happy to share how I did the photo shoot, Jennie. I shot these outside on my deck, which is up against the outside wall of Hubby’s workshop. Natural light is best for online photos I’ve learned, and overcast skies are also best, I had to keep waiting for the clouds to cover the bright sun, ha ha. I taped a yard of stretchy black fabric I’d bought up to the workshop wall as a backdrop, and used my black-painted piano bench (doing a post on that soon) as the table-top. I was surprised how it came out looking like it was done in a studio set-up, but was just outside on my deck with overcast natural light and a $4 piece of fabric. Maybe I’ll do a “tips” post on it sometime… Take care!

  6. Hey I know that little house!! I was obsessed with those back in the eighties. You could get them at hobby shops and paint them yourself. Its was kind of like paint by numbers 3-D! Your right about the plastic halloween teachers edition. I never see those anymore. Now I want some!

  7. Hi, I saw this on another blog and had to comment. I remember those plastic pumpkins from when I was a kid, and I’m pretty sure a neighbor or someone had that ghost! I love vintage things, so I’ll definitely be following! Have a great week. Dee 🙂

  8. Hi! I spotted you on savvy southern style. I had to comment when I saw that plastic pumpkin thingy. My aunt had that on her door every Halloween back in the 70’s and 8o’s. It’s so funny because I was just thinking about that recently and then saw it on your post!! Is it really possible to still find those?

    1. Thanks for coming by! I found this one on eBay but then I found two Christmas ones in an antiques mall for $1 each – I couldn’t believe it!

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