New, Not Vintage, Franciscan Desert Rose

Wait – I’m Confused

Recently, in Tuesday Morning, which is a retail store full of brand new Made In Some Eastern Country stuff, I saw this and did a double take!

Franciscan Rose Dishes New


Why, that looks an awful lot like the vintage Franciscan Desert Rose dishes that collectors love, the ones that were made in the 1950s, that are sold in antique stores, like this nice set I saw while junkin a while back.

vintage Franciscan desert rose dishes


I know, right?  Well, just wait until you see what was on the back.  You just might be surprised.



Or maybe you already knew someone was still making these?  I had just assumed that, like nearly everything else once made in the USA, these dishes were no longer manufactured.

So what does one do in this day and age when one wonders about something?

I “Googled” it.

I discovered this wonderful website, Franciscan Ceramics Archive, that had the answer! The short story is that the Gladding McBean Pottery, who made the Franciscan line, was sold and sold and sold again, finally landing in England, and currently owned by Waterford Wedgewood (assuming that information is up to date).  They still hold the trademark and are still making both the Desert Rose and the Apple patterns!

The new dishes I saw were really beautiful, good quality, and priced about what the vintage ones usually sell for.

I resisted the temptation to buy any.  So far 🙂  Besides, we vintage lovers would rather have the olde ones.  Just because they’re olde.

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18 thoughts on “New, Not Vintage, Franciscan Desert Rose

  1. Pretty interesting….my grandmother had the apple pattern. I’m going to have to check out Tuesday Morning a little more often! Thanks!

  2. I knew these were still being made and by an English company but in China or somewhere. Good research. I think the quality of the vintage pieces are a little bit better, but it’s a beautiful pattern no matter what.

  3. I haven’t seen the Tuesday Morning ones in person, but I have seen new Desert Rose dishes at other places and they are not near as pretty as the original ones. There’s something about the rose that’s not quite right. My Desert Rose dishes were inherited from my grandmother and I love to use them at Easter mixed with pink and green Depression Glass.

  4. Diane,

    I never resist buying these dishes when I come across them at a reasonable price. I remember as a child, my aunt had the Desert Rose collection and my grandmother had the Apple collection. They bring back some wonderful childhood memories of family mealtimes. So when I can find them outside of the antique stores and in good condition, I grab them. Right now I only had one Apple dinner plate and I’m looking to complete the Desert Rose collection with a few more pieces.

  5. Dawn, thanks for the interesting facts about the dishes. I would have been surprised, if I had seen them in the store, too.

  6. I can see why you did a double take. The two patterns are so similar, but I haven’t seen Desert Rose anywhere but antique shops/shows for years.

  7. I came across a complete set of Desert Rose several years ago at Goodwill. They were l stamped made in California. I was loading the set in my cart and was nearly finished with all of the plates and bowls when a man came up behind me and asked if they had any value. I told him that they sold pretty good on Ebay. He started scooping up cups and saucers (he didn’t have a cart) until he couldn’t carry another thing. I gave the Dude the evil eye as he was checking out. My mother was right – don’t talk to strangers (especially men)!.

  8. I am afraid I am a purist and think it is appalling when a company buys the rights to produce new products from old vintage patterns. And to Candy above – I have had the same thing happen to me. I was loading a set of luggage in my cart when an evil shopper grabbed the train case without even apologizing for her rudeness! Maybe Karma will get them.

  9. Wow Dawn, they are pretty. I have always loved the Desert Rose pattern. I’m like you, much prefer the real thing. Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY…

  10. I inherited a set of Fransiscan Apple pattern dishware, so I have been researching a bit about this dishware… and I read an article on that said Fransiscan was STILL manufacturing their most popular patterns, Desert Rose and Apple…BUT, the article was dated 1999, so… idk if this still holds true. Here is a link to that article: And another article on ebay on how to identify this Fransiscan China, by the makers mark on bottom of pieces:
    Hope you find this helpful… thanks for the interesting post!!!

  11. p.s… I just happened to see this post linked up on The Cottage Market’s Junkin Joe linky party….
    Judging from the comments, folks are interested in this “olde” china, and I am in the process of advertising this china we inherited for sale, on ebay and on my local Craigslist in Indianapolis, because we really need the $$ it may generate… we have a large 12 place set collection of 1960-70’s Fransiscan Apple, and 1960’s 12 place set Noritake set, and 2 smaller incomplete sets of Haviland “Rose” and Eschenbach “Lyra” if anybody is interested…. I don’t know much about china, but I do LOOOOVE vintage items, and I hope these can go to someone who would love them!
    you can e-mail me at julieaspear AT gmail DOT com…
    and if it’s not cool that I posted this in your comments, feel free to delete (and I apologize) I am just trying to connect this info to folks that may be interested.

    1. Probably not as valuable, but as always, it depends on the buyer. Someone who just really loves the pattern probably wouldn’t care that it’s not truly vintage; collectors will want the older ones 🙂 Take care – Dawn

  12. The Desert Rose dishes that are made today do not compare to the originals that were made in California. The English made dishes are also lovely. The dishes that are made in China today do not have the scalloped edge on the plates, the flowers are not raised and the colors are not the same. They look like a very cheap imitation and if I were starting my set today I would look for the vintage. I have a set that I have had for 48 years and I love them!!

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