Found Franciscan Autumn…Just in Time for Autumn!

Welcome to the 51st History and Home Link Party!  If you were reading We Call It Junkin last autumn, you’ll remember how I discovered a partial set of vintage Franciscan dishes in the Autumn pattern at a thrift store, and that set off a whole addiction to these lovely dishes made in California in the mid-2oth century.  I was in that same thrift store a couple of weeks ago, looked down on a bottom shelf, and what greeted me but these two serving bowls for 50 cents and 1 dollar!  



Needless to say I was on a “junkin’ high” for several hours.  I’m looking forward to using this set in the cooler weeks ahead.  Here are the other dishes I already had:

Franciscan Gladding McBean Autumn Leaves fall Thanksgiving tablescape



That photo is from a tablescape I created with Franciscan Autumn, which you can read here.  Are you, like me, craving pumpkin spice everything yet?


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26 thoughts on “Found Franciscan Autumn…Just in Time for Autumn!

  1. What a great find! Perfect for fall. I linked up and already have a link back in my post, but it told me I didn’t. Please approve my link for your party. Not sure what happened because I always link back. Thanks.

    Shannon –

    1. Sorry about that, Shannon. I don’t know why it does that sometimes, but I got you all fixed up. Thanks for joining!
      Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  2. I’m not craving pumpkin spice, because I really don’t care for the smell of cloves and nutmeg. But, what I’m craving is caramels! It hit all of the sudden, and the last time we went to the store, they weren’t out yet! Next time, I hope!

    1. Oh yes! Now I’m craving a caramel apple. The state fair is coming up, I’ll have to get one, or it would be fun to make some. You may have just inspired me 🙂

  3. My Grandmother had dishes in this pattern. I finally pieced together a set that we are now using in our vintage 1951 Royal Spartanette trailer. I just found the butter dish and gravy boat to add to the rest. I just love them and think of her every time we use them. I am so happy that someone else loves them too!!!

    Celtic Lass

    1. It’s nice to “meet” someone else who likes these dishes, too, as I don’t think they’re super popular. I like that they look good for autumn but have a bit of blue/green. They aren’t just strictly “fall colors”. Your vintage trailer sounds amazing!!!

  4. Don’t you just love it when the stars align, Dawn? Good detective work! I’ve been working toward a barn sale- sure hope it’s at least half successful -it’s Panoply’s first. Have a great week, and thanks for letting us share by hosting us.

    1. Oh, a barn sale sounds like fun and a ton of work at the same time. Best of luck with it. Y’all have such lovely things in your booth I know you’ll do great – Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

    1. Yes, I hadn’t even thought of caramel apples yet but now I’m wanting one! Don’t know if I can hold out til state fair, I might have to make some 🙂

  5. I love your tablescape! And yes, I am 100% into pumpkin spice now. I have fall scented candles burning at darkness nightly now. Try dipping a freshly sliced apple into caramel ice cream topping for a fix for your craving. Love your blog 😎

    1. Thank you, Mary, and that’s a delicious-sounding idea about apples and ice cream – yum! Thanks for reading We Call It Junkin, and have a great day!

  6. I have loved that pattern for years, my mother had a complete set of it. When we moved from California to Indiana that was one of several things she had to sacrifice. How fortunate for you to find it so cheap.

  7. I love the Franciscan fall leaves plate pattern. I am pretty sure have a few pieces of this pattern somewhere in one of the boxes stored somewhere in my house. The tablescape you created last fall using this pattern is fabulous. I love the pumpkin tureen that you used and all of the other fall accents, gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what you will do with the Franciscan plates this fall.

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