What a Find! Mid-Century Dinette Set

Sometimes, patience pays off.  We’ve been wanting a different kitchen table and chairs set for years, as our old one showed the scars of our girls’ toddler years, and was just not a good size for our current kitchen dining area.  We’ve looked at new sets and old, but just never found anything we liked for the right price.

A recent junkin’ trip to a thrift store – looking for a different item entirely – led to one of my all-time favorite junkin’ finds.


This perfectly-sized oval table is from the late 1960s (in my estimation), but is in such good condition it’s almost like new.  

The laminate top is absolutely immaculate!  Did it sit, unused, in someone’s basement for the last fifty years?  


The trim, which is plastic, just had to be glued back down in one spot.  

Wood glue + a clamp = done.  

The legs and frame are metal, and it even has a removable leaf.  


The chair frames are also metal, and those fanciful chair backs are faux bois.  (That’s a fancy way of saying “false wood”, plastic made to look like wood.)  


What would you say that style is?  It seems like Art Nouveau to me, any other thoughts? The vinyl upholstery is also in incredible condition, just a couple of torn corners.  I do plan to recover these eventually in a dark blue to match my kitchen. 


Don’t these Franciscan Starburst plates and atomic aqua salt and pepper shakers look terrific on this table?  I’ll put a link below to the story on the very unlikely place I found those dishes. 


Now, I usually don’t get into talking prices here on WCIJ, but this deal is just too fabulous not to brag about!  It was priced at only $90!  

But wait!  

As I stood there trying to decide with Hubby whether or not to get it, a store employee came over and said, “$75 and it’s yours”.  

Decision made  🙂


Where were those vintage dishes hiding?  Read the story here

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5 thoughts on “What a Find! Mid-Century Dinette Set

  1. That is a fantastic buy, good for you. Isn’t it wonderful to find something you need and love at a great price and in such great shape.

  2. Hi, Dawn! I couldn’t believe it when I saw your dining set! It is almost identical to the one I had as a relatively new bride in 1971. We were married in 1969, and my in-laws gifted us with the set in 1971. The table was oval, and did not have a leaf. But the chairs had the same design on the back of the chair. Faux bois and all! If I remember correctly, the pattern on the seats was an orange and brown leafy pattern. This brought back so many sweet, wonderful memories of our life together back at that time. You certainly got a terrific buy on the set. Thanks for sharing your new “find”! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

    1. Rosie I can’t get over the coincidence! So early 1970s, then. I wish I could find out more about it. I’ve “Googled” it every way I can think of and can’t find another photo like it on the entire Internet. So thanks so much for letting me know the era it’s from. We’re keeping it cleaned off of mail and junk and actually eating at it more than we did with our old set, so it’s getting put to good use. Take care! -Dawn

  3. If you know how to crochet, crocheted oval placements would look awesome with that vintage table! Great find on the table by the way! I had a red formica table with matching chairs a few years back but gifted it to my sister when the table was not large enough for us anymore. She now has it in her kitchen and it looks great!

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