DIY: Make Flower Pens That Won’t Walk Off

I’ll bet you’ve had this conversation before:  someone asks, “Hey, can I borrow your pen for just a sec?”  And you, being the awesome person you are, say, “Sure, here you go!”  And then you never see it again.  Am I right?  Well, with this cute and easy project, you can design pretty pens that are so obviously not your average run-of-the-mill writer that I don’t think anyone could accidentally walk off with them.

Although,  they are so cute, someone might take one “accidentally-on-purpose!”

flower pen diy how to


This project is also great for kids’ birthday parties and mom/grandma/teacher gifts, but more on that later.  Here is the how-to:

1.  Gather Your Supplies

All you need is:

  • a flower pot or planter.  Here, I’m using a lovely vintage milk glass planter I got from a thrift store. Typical me, huh?
  • You’ll need some basic ink pens, not the click-in-and-out kind
  • some floral tape (silk flower section at WalMart or craft store,)
  • cheap silk flowers
  • heavy duty shears or wire cutters
  • Lastly, some very small, smooth pebbles from the craft store or dollar store.  Use small ones, large ones make it too hard to “jam” the pens down into the pot.

flower pen diy how to


2.  Trim the Stems

Cut the silk flowers at the very base of each stem.  Move any silk leaves up to the flower, or remove them if you don’t want them.  They have a wire inside the stem, so you’ll need wire cutters or heavy duty shears for this, and a little muscle power!

flower pen diy how to


3.  It’s A Wrap

Hold one pen against one flower stem, so that the flower is at the top of the pen, and the cut end of the stem is near the writing end of the pen.  Begin wrapping the stem and pen with the floral tape.  This stuff is lightly sticky, so you don’t need to use any tape or glue.  Just start wrapping and spinning the pen/stem combo, and press the floral tape as you go.  It somehow all sticks together.

flower pen diy how toflower pen


When you get to the top of the pen, just cut the floral tape and press the end down firmly.  It will stick and you will have a pretty flower pen all finished!  flower pen



Make as many as you like for your flower pot, each one only takes a minute or two.

flower pen diy how to



Fill your flower pot with the small rocks and jam in the pens and even some scissors and you’re all set.  This is a really great thing to have at work, especially if you’re in a public area like a lobby, because people won’t “forget” and walk off with your flower pen – that flower is a bit obvious sticking out of a shirt pocket!

flower pen

Awwwwe, there’s my pet rock, circa 1976.  🙂

The Preschool Version

My daughter made me this one in preschool -awwwe.  The teachers helped the kids with the pens, but the kids painted the pots and stuck the little foamies on the pots, and it made a darling Mothers Day gift.  I still use it in my kitchen, and we always have pens, pencils, and scissors handy.

flower pen flower pot foamies craft kids


The Kids’ Birthday Party Version

For my daughter’s birthday party one year, we told the invitees to wear something that could get messed up because we were going to be painting flower pots!  One mom said, “You’re brave, girl!”  But the girls had so much fun, and we also made the flower pens for them to use in their flower pots.  This was a big hit.

flower pen painted flower potBoth of my girls still have them on their desks today.

I hope this has inspired you to give this project a try – it is too easy, and will give your desk a little something unique.  Please share your ideas in the Comments, I enjoy reading each of them!

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  1. Cute ideas! Yesterday was my Cousins’ Yearly Birthday Party in which my 7 grandkids (ages 3-7) get together to celebrate ALL their birthdays at once. (They don’t live close to each other and this way they won’t have to worry about traveling during the busy school year). Next year I will definitely be looking into the flower pot idea for their craft time. Their moms would love it!

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