DIY: Freestanding Bird Feeder and Flower Post


This post is for the birds!  It’s a freestanding bird feeder and flower post, and you can build one yourself in an hour or less.


freestanding bird feeder hanging flower plant basket post pole solar light hooks


After seeing something similar in a couple of yards in my town, I decided to play the copycat and asked Hubby to build me one of these for my birthday.  We came up with our own design, and it was so easy, and turned out so lovely, I just had to share it with all of you.


  • 4″ x 4″ x 8′ pressure treated post
  • solar light of your choice with a flat bottom
  • four hooks with necessary hardware (should be included)
  • one extra screw or construction grade glue for attaching the solar light
  • power drill
  • post hole diggers
  • tarp
  • 3′ long level
  • 2 bird feeders
  • 2 hanging plants
  • concrete mix (optional – see below)

Call Before You Dig!

You probably have a free service in your area that will come out and mark all of your underground power, telephone, cable, and gas lines.  You should really call them before you dig.  If you damage a line and you didn’t check with them first, you will probably be liable for the expense of the repairs.  Google it, or check your phone book.  If you aren’t sure, call your electric company. They should be able to tell you the number to call, or whether each individual company will have to come out.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Now that you have a safe spot to dig picked out, let’s get that post put up so the birds will come visit!

Wear & use proper safety gear, follow tool’s instructions, and always use common sense when working with tools.  ‘Nuff said.

First, put a tarp down to keep the yard neat.  My Hubby was so smart to think of that.

freestanding bird feeder hanging flower plant basket post pole solar light hooks


Second, dig the hole about 18″ deep.  I must add that in our area, we have very heavy, clay soil.  We didn’t feel the need to set this in concrete, and it is holding steady.  However, you’ll need to decide if setting your post in concrete might be best given your soil type.

Third, attach your solar light to the top of the post.  You’ll need to use serious muscle to drill the extra screw through the bottom of the metal light.  We considered using a heavy grade construction glue.  That may be another option.

Next, measure (or guesstimate) where you want your hooks, and mark the spots on the post.  Using the power drill, attach two hooks to two sides, as shown here.

freestanding bird feeder hanging flower plant basket post pole solar light hooks


You’ll have to attach the other two hooks with the post standing in place.  Time to use those muscles again!

Notice we used two large hooks and two small hooks.  Aren’t we wonderful designers?  Actually, the store was almost sold out and that was our only option!  I was not happy.  But then, when I saw it all put together, I was glad it turned out that way.  It looks more interesting, I think.

We put the bottom of each hook at the same level, but you could offset them, two higher, two lower.  Just another option.

Next, it’s time to fill the dirt back into the hole around the post.  Do this a little at a time, tamping it down tight with the handle of the diggers, and using your long level on two sides at 90 degrees to make sure it’s straight.  You don’t want a leaning post!

freestanding bird feeder flower plant hanging post pole hooks solar light


There’s nothing left to do now but hang the feeders and flowers, and wait for the show.

freestanding bird feeder hanging flower plant basket post pole solar light hooks


We have had hummingbird wars over this feeder (above).  Apparently, there is a Daddy-Hummingbird guarding it for his family, and he won’t let anyone else near it.  We’ve had as many as three others trying at once, and Daddy-H dive-bombed them all!

I really love the solar light, which Hubby picked out for me.  It has birds and vines on it – perfect for this project.  (Found at Lowes)

freestanding bird feeder hanging flower plant basket post pole solar light hooks


This windmill seed feeder has been visited by cardinals, finches, and tufted titmice.  I don’t know where my Carolina chickadees have been?

freestanding bird feeder hanging flower plant basket post pole solar light hooks


My sweet daughters picked out the flowers for me.  Purple petunias, and I don’t remember what the yellow one is, but it closes at night and doesn’t open until the sunshine hits it.  The yellow one has a sweet fragrance that fills the entire front yard.

Warning: This May Lead To Gawkers

Two days after we built this, I was looking out my front window, watching the hummingbird wars, and a car drove by extremely slowly.  The lady in the passenger seat had the window down and was craning her neck out the window to get a good look – probably saying, “HONEY! I WANT YOU TO BUILD ME ONE OF THOSE THINGIES!”

So I hope you’re inspired to build one and get as much enjoyment from it as I have from mine.

Oh! And don’t you know, I’m going to decorate it for the holidays?  Pumpkins and scarecrows for autumn, Christmas lights after that.  Oh I can’t wait!

If you’d like to read about the great deal I got on the hummingbird feeder, read Feeling Wistful At A Thrift Store.

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10 thoughts on “DIY: Freestanding Bird Feeder and Flower Post

  1. The 2 different sizes of the plant hooks adds a lot of eye appeal to this great project.
    Where did you get the windmill feeder? I would love to have one for my yard. I think the little yellow flowers are moss rose.

    1. Hi Candy, I got the windmill feeder from Tractor Supply nearly a year ago. Hopefully they still have them. If you don’t have a store nearby they have a website and I think you can order online. Thanks for the tip about the flowers! Take care – Dawn

  2. I like this idea but was more thinking of building (or purchasing) a planter box and securing this to it. This way it could be moved or place in a non-dirt area and be easily seen from a window if used for bird feeding.

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