DIY: Don’t Buy A Scarecrow, Make One!

Sure, you could buy a pre-fab scarecrow from the big box store.  But trust me, it’s more fun to gather some family or friends together and make one!  My family and I recently went to a scarecrow workshop at our local preservation society, and we had fun and brought home this little dandy:

how to make scarecrow

So his pants came out a little saggy, so he’s a little long-waisted, so his legs are a bit short… we won’t hold it against him, will we?

If you’re inclined to DIY this Autumn instead of spending the bucks on a Made Over There version, here’s how we did it:

The Frame, Boss, The Frame!

(Many of you will be too young to “get” that television reference.  Besides, it’s lame, which also rhymes with plane.)

1.  Assemble the little guy’s frame.  Just PVC, PVC glue, and a hacksaw or a PVC cutter should do it.

2.  Close-up

3.  Put the shirt on the frame – long sleeves work best.  Button up!

how to make scarecrowZip (-Tie) Up Yer Pants

4.  Zip-tie one pant leg, or tie it tightly with twine or heavy string.

5.  Insert the PVC through the other pant leg, then zip-tie it tightly, too.

6.  Stuff the pants with hay or pine straw.  Don’t over stuff to make it easier to pose and shape your scarecrow.  how to make scarecrow

What A Stuffed Shirt This Guy Is!

7.  Tuck the shirt into the pants.  Put a belt or rope through the belt loops and cinch it somewhat tightly.  Using hot glue and a glue gun, glue the bottom of the shirt to the inside of the pants’ waistband.  OR you could use safety pins and pin them together.  This is my attempt at a photo of the hot glue…

8.  Once the shirttail and pants are glued or pinned together, stuff the shirt, sleeves first.  how to make scarecrow

He’s Just Trying To Get A Head

9.  Now it’s time to make the head.  You can use a pillowcase, a piece of burlap, or some other old clothes.  We used a pair of gray sweatpants.  We laid the pants down and tied off the legs with zip ties…

10.  Stuffed the pants….

11.  Using the drawstring at the waist, we tied it tightly to the top of the PVC pole.  We tied the extra fabric from the legs into knots and used them to stuff the hat, which had been squashed considerably in Musical Daughter’s camp bag last summer.

12.  Then we added some extra straw just at the base, to camouflage the PVC.

how to make scarecrow

We then turned both daughters loose with markers, our scarecrow soon had a face, and a new addition to the family was born.

He posed for a picture in the old carriage house at the Robert Mills House first, then at home on our new freestanding bird feeder and flower pole.  (I’ve written about both the Robert Mills House and that bird feeder pole – links will be at the end.)

how to make scarecrow


Are you inspired to make one yourself?  You could always hammer together two boards instead of using PVC, of course.  Either way, let me tell you, it works on people if not on crows.

It scared me twice the first day we had it – I saw it from the corner of my eye and thought someone was in my yard!  (I suppose Hubby could make a joke about me being an old crow now…)

how to make scarecrow


Wow, my next DIY article will be in October!  Halloween time!  I have such fun things planned, I can’t wait.  Plus, another months’ worth of Junkin Finds is coming up soon, another session of antiques’ spotting at the movies.  So much going on, you won’t want to miss it if you like antiques and olde stuff.

And the biggest news!  I’m starting a brand new link-up party on October 1 called We Call It Olde – the place for you bloggers out there to link-up your posts about antiques and other olde stuff!


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10 thoughts on “DIY: Don’t Buy A Scarecrow, Make One!

  1. Well he’s a dandy for sure. Scarecrows really scream fall and Halloween. Thanks for the tutorial and for coming by and leaving a comment on my enamel dishpan re-do. I will definitely check out the new blog party on Tuesdays.

  2. Hi, Dawn,
    You are too much! This scarecrow is adorable!! I would have never thought of making one myself, although I guess farmers have been doing it for many years! You’ve given me an idea of what to do with my granddaughters when they’re over again. Thanks for the idea! Happy Fall!!

  3. Hi. I just subscribed. Love the adorable scarecrow! I find using bib overalls work wonderfully also. No belts needed. Have a peaceful day. Kim

  4. this is awesome! I will not buy it I will make one myself! I did´t think it is that easy to make! Thank you:)

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