Dishes Graveyard

Long time, no blog!  Hello and welcome back after a four-month hiatus.  Perhaps we’ll get back to some degree of regular posting over here, I do miss my junkin’ friends.

Last week the hubby & I took a wonderfully relaxing vacation to Asheville, North Carolina.  Mountains, waterfalls, cool weather, and great food were just some of the things we enjoyed.  On the drive to Maggie Valley one day, we happened upon a great spot called The Dish Barn, and I just had to share this unusual experience with you!



The front room of the store was just what I expected, a pleasant array of vintage dinnerware, glassware, and milk glass kitchen ware (my favorite).  No Pyrex treasures were waiting for me sadly, but I did spot some more of the vintage footed tea glasses hubby got me for Christmas last year.  



The back room was filled with mostly cast-off restaurant dishes.  Lots and lots and lots of them.  If someone was just setting up a first home or a new restaurant, this would definitely be the place to stock up.  

And remember, kiddies, buying vintage is Earth-friendly!  Less going into a landfill, yay!



Okay, now get ready for some overwhelming-can’t-take-it-all-in miles of dishes.

Out back, under the lean-to, there were boxes of unused restaurant dishes.  

And boxes, and boxes.

Look at the stacks, some falling over, filled with dishes!


I could have taken several more photos of stacks of these boxes of dishes.


But the best is yet to come.  

The back yard.

A graveyard of row after row of plates, and pile after pile of coffee cups.



Again, I could have taken several photos of the different rows, the different piles, but here’s just one more shot of dishes running right up to the dog house.



Isn’t this a hoot?!  But I say “Kudos” to the folks who are trying their best to save the Earth with recycling. 

And seriously, if you know someone opening a restaurant, you might want to show them this….


I’ll be back soon to share my photos of a huge, lovely, historic home I toured in Asheville, once inhabited by a famous author.  For now, visit the archives by going to the menu at the top.  

Be blessed and happy junkin’


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13 thoughts on “Dishes Graveyard

  1. Oh lordy, you had me at dishes! I have, indeed, heard of this place, but I had NO.IDEA! Just think, in the next century, when those dishes are excavated, what stories will be made up by the archeologists who unearth all those dishes. It will likely be a stories of gluttony and obesity, don’t you bet? LOL Seriously, though, it is definitely the place to send newly established homemakers (and junkers). 😀

    Welcome back, Dawn! I hope you’re back to stay. You are so fun to engage with, and you were missed!
    Rita C at Panoply

    1. Aw thank you, Rita! You’re such a doll. I love your imaginings about what future archaeologist will think! Some times when I’m in retail stores I get saddened by all the new dishes and glasses they sell, because I know so many good “olde” ones are languishing in places like these, still perfectly useful. So good to talk to you!

  2. Yay!!!!! Welcome back, Dawn!! What a fantastic place you’ve shared. I actually gasped when I got to the first picture of the backyard. I kept thinking, “Is that what my backyard will look like one day if I keep up this hobby?!” Glad you had a good vacation. Thanks for sharing. You’ve been missed,
    Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  3. I missed you! So glad you are back! This place is a hoot. I just thought that i had a dish obsession. these folks have me beat by a mile!

  4. Welcome back, I missed you and your blog so much.
    My husband and I try to go to Maggie Valley at least once a year, we love it and it is a good thing we are on the motorcycle when we go because I love the Dish Barn and I have bought a few things from them. I really have a dish hoarding problem and that is not a good place for me, LOL!!
    I look forward to seeing you on your blog, Yipee!!

  5. I’ve missed your delightful blog posts. OMGosh I would have been giddy with delight at seeing all these dishes and probably purchasing a few too. A visit to the Dish Barn is on my list of to dos.

  6. Welcome back to blog land Dawn….missed your blog. That dish place is amazing! A while back I bought about 10 really big white dinner dishes for only .50 a piece at a place similar to this. Thanks for sharing! Happy blogging Lisa@ Sweet Tea N’ Salty Air

  7. I was so happy to see the email alert with a new post from you! The Dish Barn looks like the place to go for restaurant wares. I love the heft of the dishes. I may have to visit. I am in desperate need of a history post from you.

  8. That is a fabulous place! I love the rows of dishes and piles of cups in the back yard the most. I would be walking around with my mouth open through the whole place! How fun!

  9. Welcome back, Dawn–you were missed!! What a wild and crazy place with all those orphan dishes. I hope you found a treasure or two in the midst of it all 🙂

  10. Wow! Who would have thought there was a dish graveyard! Lord knows I do not need another dish in my house but I would love to see this Dish Barn (I could use a barn to store my dishes in).

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