The Dishes of Belmont Mansion

Welcome back to Belmont Mansion in Nashville, Tennessee.  To keep the last post from being too long I could only share a fraction  of the photos I took, but today I’m back to show you some of the china and table settings on display at Belmont.

Let’s look first at the family dining room.  Belmont Mansion dishes and tablescapes, Nashville, Tennessee

A simple but elegant place setting, and each one had a unique napkin ring.  More on those in a sec. Belmont Mansion dishes and tablescapes, Nashville, Tennessee

I thought these bone-handled knives were really lovely.  Of course, we couldn’t touch anything, but given their age I feel sure they’re real bone.  And just look at that pretty serving platter!

Belmont Mansion dishes and tablescapes, Nashville, Tennessee

Here are just a few of those unique napkin rings.  I couldn’t get photos of all of them because my tour group was leaving me!

Belmont Mansion dishes and tablescapes, Nashville, Tennessee.  Unique napkin rings, every place setting had a different one!

I have a plate warmer in my house just like this one, doesn’t everybody?  No, but back in the days of fireplace heating, this would have been a wonderful thing.  This is the kind of thing I love: material culture.  The artifacts of the past can really teach us what daily life was like years ago.  Nowadays, your plate is probably warm enough already from central heating, but if not, we just pop it in the microwave!

Plate warmer at Belmont Mansion, Nashville, Tennessee.

Let’s move on to the formal dining room, where dinners at Belmont typically took five hours.  Five hours.  While the ladies were probably wearing corsets.  I don’t think so.

Belmont Mansion dishes and tablescapes, Nashville, Tennessee

Adelicia Hayes Franklin Acklen Cheatam, the mistress of Belmont, owned several complete sets of china.  Now just look at the size of that table.  For her, a complete set had to accommodate 12 people, at least, not to mention serving pieces.  Our tour guide said the estate had thousands of dishes. 

And from  what I saw, they were pretty much all pink. 

Belmont Mansion dishes and tablescapes, Nashville, Tennessee

This incredible sideboard was about 6′ or 7′ tall!

Belmont Mansion dishes and tablescapes, Nashville, Tennessee

Finally, the last set of china on display was in this butler’s pantry.  The prettiest one yet, in my opinion.  Belmont Mansion dishes and tablescapes, Nashville, Tennessee

If you really like dishes and table settings, you might want to visit Between Naps on the Porch on Thursdays, where they have a big Tablescaping party every week!

And if you missed the tour of this incredible mansion, you may want to check it out by clicking “Previous Post” below.

Y’all take care and have fun junkin’ –

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2 thoughts on “The Dishes of Belmont Mansion

  1. Always enjoy your posts so much as you have great appreciation for older things I too seem to cherish. To me reminds me so much of growing up, The simple way of life. Seems older I get ( just turned 77) the more I cherish and enjoy the memories.
    What fun I would have in your booth. We were big antiquers/junkers when we lived in MT and KY as the inventory was readily available, what fun we had.
    We now live few miles west of Grand Junction, CO where the pieces are just not as common to find and prices are way too much for our budget. Besides our place here is much smaller so no room for too many collectibles. Will content myself with looking at posts about things I love to see. Enjoy your hunts just a little for me, you have the talent and eye for the treasures.

    1. Hi JaneEllen,
      Great minds think alike, and certainly like the same kids of olde things. I don’t have a booth anymore, had no luck with that, just my eBay listings. It is fun to look at others’ finds online, easier on the wallet and the clutter!

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