Dining Out with the Birds

We all have had rushed, crazy days, haven’t we?  Days when we just don’t have time to cook a nice meal, let alone set a nice table?  Sometimes you just have to call for food delivery.  At my house, we sometimes end up eating from the lap instead of from the table ~ does it ever happen to you?  Our kitchen table is as much a desk and mail catcher as it is a dining spot!

Dining Out With the Birds buffet Pyrex plates 024 bowl


With food delivery on the way and the screen porch we’re building all enclosed I quickly set up this little buffet on a nice afternoon.

The plates are vintage Pyrex, as is the pink bowl.  The bowl is a 2 quart casserole, size 024, in the Desert Dawn pattern.  My Artsy Daughter made the birdhouse at a Habitat for Humanity store, and the glasses and napkins are junkin finds.

Dining Out With the Birds buffet Pyrex plates 024 bowl



I’m just giving sneak peeks for now.  The serving piece is the antique Hoosier cabinet I’ll be repainting soon, hopefully.  The porch is nearly done, just waiting for floor paint and exterior trim.

This vintage metal glider and the matching bouncer chairs will be a big DIY project.  As you can see, the glider needs major work, and we’re novices, but we’re hopeful novices!  Then we’ll be painting it aqua.

vintage metal glider Pyrex plates vintage planters



The coffee table for the porch is an old piano bench I bought from a yard sale.  Those things make great coffee tables, because you can store magazines inside.

vintage metal glider Pyrex plates vintage planters



So this is just a kinda-sorta-tablescape, not really a tablescape, but you got to see some vintage dishes at least.  I hope you’re having a nice spring, and those of you up North and in Canada, I’m really, really trying to send warm thoughts your way!

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And for the piano bench makeover:  Piano Bench Makes the Perfect Porch Coffee Table.

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20 thoughts on “Dining Out with the Birds

  1. It’s just the two of us for most meals, so we frequently eat off trays on our laps. 😉
    Your impromptu buffet setting is cute. I know you are going to enjoy your screened in porch. They are the best!

  2. Thanks for your visit, Dawn! I always enjoy seeing your vintage Pyrex and other “junkin'” finds. I can’t wait to see your glider after you give it some TLC! It’s just like one I remember, well, gliding on at my grandmother’s in south Arkansas!

  3. We found a glider and chair at an uncle’s estate auction. It was in bad shape. DH took out every bolt and screw and sanded to the bare metal. Painted it the ’57 Chevy Aqua. Gorgeous!

  4. You lucky lady, you are going to love your porch. I have been looking for a glider for a couple of years but no luck, they are all to expensive around here, but I keep looking. I can’t wait to see your finished porch.

  5. I’m sure you can do the glider justice! It will be beautiful! After all the Pyrex talk and your loving it I went to see my little set way back in the cabinet. Its at least 40 years…we received it ad a wedding gift 🙂 three nesting bowls in a light blue the medium bowl is solid and the print on the other two is a flowery print sort of in squares. I checked out you Big Week of Junkin…lots of good things in that load!

  6. Your porch is really coming together! i love all your vintage finds used so creatively. The pyrex plates are durable and great for this setting. The bird house is very cute and nice Spring touch! Have a special week!


  7. I like that idea of the 57 Chevy Aqua color for the glider. That would be super sharp! I know what you mean by the breakfast table being the mail drop off place. I finally put a big basket on the counter for sweet hubby to put the mail in. By the way the bird house is adorable, I love the construction and the spattered paint.

  8. Hi Dawn, Your setting is so inviting! So your going to paint Aqua….my new favorite color, it goes so well with bright red and black. I can just vision your porch now, it will be beautiful! Lisa @ Sweet Tea N’ Salty Air

  9. What an adorable setting! I love vintage pirex, I grew up with my mom using them as everyday dishes! Your porch is so inviting with that lovely hoosier cabinet!

  10. Hmmm…. are you teasing us with sneak peaks LOL? Can’t wait to see the completion. Your decorating skills will make it gorgeous! Tell Artsy Daughter everyone, including me, loves the birdhouse!

  11. Dawn,
    Oh, yes, dear one. . .we defiintely have (many) days like that here on the Prairie!!! “Mr. Ed” made the comment when I was styling the Dining Room table for a photo shoot, that we could eat off the Dining Room table in the Family Room. NOPE!!! It was piled full of mechandise for our Spring Booth! We could eat out on the deck. NOPE!!! I hadn’t washed the patio furniture yet, so it was the bamboo TV trays!!!
    I adore the birdhouse your daughter made!!!
    Thanks for sharing with us that we all have to keep it real. . .every now and then!!!
    The porch is going to be fabuous!!! I’ll be watching for progress reports!!!

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