Daylily Garden Tour: Part 2

Welcome back to this incredible, private daylily garden.  Forty years in the making, this garden is only open to the public once a year, and I’m so glad the sweet lady who cultivates it allowed me to take photos so I could share it with you!  If you missed Part 1, I’ll put a link to it at the end.  Let’s have a look around.

birdbath planter
Birdbath used as a planter


orange daylily


String Bean flower daylily
“String Bean” Daylily


This wise-looking fellow keeps watch over the beautiful garden.

sculpture garden art face


This is one of the largest hydrangea bushes I’ve ever seen (center of photo).  I wonder how old it is?  Notice how the blue planter in the bottom, right corner has been elevated on an inverted flower pot to give it some height.  Great idea!

huge hydrangea daylily garden


Bubbly yellow daylily
“Bubby” daylily


I’ve planted “sedum” before, but never knew it could bloom.  I obviously don’t have the green thumb this gardener has.

sedum flower


Your eye may be drawn to the brilliant burgundy daylilies, below, but don’t miss the huge vulture sculpture!

red daylily vulture garden sculpture


Chinese Scholar daylily
“Chinese Scholar” daylily


The garden has several beautiful and whimsical works of art by this artist.

sculpture in daylily garden


I’m sorry I didn’t record the name of this amazing daylily that has a kaleidoscope effect.

daylily garden


…the last word, below, is “angels”.

entertaining angels stone


In addition to daylilies, the garden has roses, hydrangea, dogwood, and iris like the ones below.

purple iris


This lovely fence was made of driftwood retrieved from the nearby lake.

frog on a log sculpture garden


Thank you for joining me for Part 2 of this daylily garden walk-around!  I hope you liked it, and maybe you picked up an idea you can use in your own garden.  I certainly picked up several ideas.  Now, it’s a matter of finding the time!

daylily garden


Here is Part 1:  Daylily Garden Tour: Part 1

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5 thoughts on “Daylily Garden Tour: Part 2

  1. Wow, when I saw the first post I couldn’t image it would get any better, but it has. Not only are there amazing flowers but the sculptures are amazing. Boy, I could just see myself hanging out with the frog, lounging on the driftwood, taking in the beautiful scenery. thanks Dawn for sharing, you took my busy, hectic day at work and your images brought me to a calm place.

  2. What a gorgeous garden – ( I think I need that vulture to scare away the ground hog in my back yard lol )
    Thanks for sharing ( and wanted to say thanks for coming by but you’re a no reply blogger 🙁
    Have a good one Dawn,

  3. Thanks for sharing this beautiful garden, as well as all the other beautiful things you see and find while junkin’! I had the afternoon off Monday, and decided to enjoy that time by browsing some of my favorite antique emporiums in town (70 miles from you). I thought about you and your blog, as I spotted three different sets (at two different stores) of the Franciscan Rose pattern that you love! Never would have noticed if I hadn’t been reading your blog! 🙂 If you are interested in them, let me know via email and I will tell you where I saw them.

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