A Colonial Reproduction Bird Bottle

Have you ever seen this unusual type of bird house? It’s a bird bottle, and we purchased one about 15 years ago on a trip to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.  These unique avian abodes are reproduced from an artifact found at the James Geddy House, one of the landmarks you can see in the restored colonial city.

Colonial Williamsburg bird bottle

Source: Williamsburg Marketplace

In fact, fragments of these bird bottles were found all over the town in archaeological digs.  The earliest have been dated back to 1699!

Were early US colonists bird watchers, as many of us are today?  Perhaps, but it’s more likely that they wanted to attract birds to their town to decrease the insect population.

Here is ours, after being wrapped in bubble wrap in a closet for many years.  I’m surprised that I wrapped it with a nest still inside!

Colonial Williamsburg bird bottle

After cleaning it out and finding a fresh stick for a perch, we hung it outside the new screened porch, which is nearly done.

Colonial Williamsburg bird bottle

Oh, I hope to have a photo of a bird going in to show you soon!  A Carolina Wren was checking it out the other day, hopefully she’ll take up residence.

If you’d like to add a bird bottle to your home or garden, they are easy to find and order.  Just do an internet search and you’ll find many sources.  I haven’t linked any here because I didn’t want to “recommend” one over the other, but they seem to be all priced about the same from the ones I saw.

Update: If you’d like to see who moved in only two weeks later, read Birds Nesting, Email Woes, and Mothers Day.

Thank you so much for visiting and reading today, I hope you’ll stick around and see what else piques your interest.  Wishing you joy ~ Dawn

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18 thoughts on “A Colonial Reproduction Bird Bottle

  1. These are beautiful, Dawn. We have a local pottery maker near me that makes them with her signature clay maple leaf fired onto the outside. I most certainly do think our forefathers were birdwatchers for more than their utilitarian purposes. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, along with the famous John James Audubon, etc. – just a few examples. Looking forward to seeing your screened porch soon! Have a great week.

  2. One question? How have you affixed this bottle to the 2 x 4 ? I quess it has to be fastened somehow so it does not either roll or fall and break.

    1. I emailed Alyce to let her know that the bottle has an open hole on the back so that you can hang it from a hook or large nail.

  3. Hi, Dawn! What a great post. I’ve never seen a bird bottle before, but it appeals to my love of pottery, as well as my affection for the precious birds that visit my backyard. I will definitely start investigating this. Thank you for sharing this! Hope your Easter was wonderful! Rosie

  4. Dawn, Yep, I’ve seen those before! I used to work at the Greenhow Store in Colonial Williamsburg! Wish I had a nickel for every one I sold. We need to get ours out and put them up, don’t we? Hope you had a great Easter, Hugs, Dru

  5. so unique, I haven’t heard or seen one of these before. I am going to keep an eye out for a couple for myself 🙂 well technically for the birds but you know what I mean lol

  6. I tried to look up bird bottle and all I got was a bird sledding on a bottle cap. I’d like some links if it’s not too much trouble. Love the idea and my sister needs a special gift. Thanks. Sandra

  7. I have never seen anything like that! I love it and really love that you even found the nest all packed away inside.

    I love to watch the birds. It’s one of the most soothing things to do, don’t you think?

  8. Oh my gosh, I also have one of these purchased in colonial Williamsburg about 10 years ago but never hung it up! I am going to go find it in the garage and finally hang it up – I had forgotten all about it.

  9. I had one, but I broke it. 🙁 I was always worried the squirrels could fit in a raid the nest. Hope that doesn’t happen.

  10. Love these birdhouses. We needed one of these, a little bird build a nest on my daughters patio chair, just behind the little decorative pillow. One of these houses would be perfect for her porch for a much better option for a place to build a nest!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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