Cookie Jars Sighted!

Do you collect vintage cookie jars?  A lot of folks do, and some of them are worth WHOPPING amounts of money.  I once knew a lady who loved going to auctions and getting them for $1 or $2, and she had a collector's guide that had pictured a jade-green "hobo" cookie jar that was...ready...? Read more [...]

New Towels from Vintage Fabric

Welcome to the 48th History & Home Link Party!  I hope the change in title format didn't throw ya' 🙂 I've decided to go back to the way I used to do these link-ups, where I share something of my own here, and "pin" the features from last week to Pinterest.  I think the link party guests Read more [...]

I Finally Found a Stained Glass Window

vintage antique tulip stained glass window
An item long on my wishlist has been a stained glass window from an old building.  A truly "olde" one.  I see them often at antique shops, always for a hefty price, so I've always had to pass.   Imagine how happy I was when I stopped at an "anything goes" kind of thrift / junk store Read more [...]

Vintage Bowls: Real and… Fake?

vintage apples milk glass bowl
As you regular readers know, I love collecting vintage glass bowls.  I love stoneware or pottery bowls, too, but you have to set limits somewhere.  Recently while roaming around a large antique mall, I came across a booth that had a number of jadeite bowls and other items, for unusually low Read more [...]