History at the Fair

antique wagon
Welcome to the 56th History & Home link party, but first, a tour around an olde-time settlement displayed at the South Carolina State Fair.     That antique wagon is a beauty!  And so is this antique truck:   This truck had a Williams Grist Mill mounted in the back Read more [...]

Angels: Bridging The Gap

1970s musical ceramic chalkware angel cherub boy girl pair
These chalkware angels were a gift from my aunt and uncle when I was a little girl in the 1970s.  Aren't they sweet?   The girl is a music box, and plays Lara's Theme.  I used to love winding her up and watching her twirl, waiting to see if she'd stop in the perfect "kissing" position Read more [...]

1970s McDonald’s Collectibles

vintage ronald mcdonald mcdonalds collectible collectable tie tack doll
Welcome to another Material Culture Class, where you get a little history behind the find.  This month, we're taking a look at some 1970s McDonald's collectibles, right from my own childhood. Football Games and Jail Birds In the early 1970s, my father was a manager at the McDonald's just outside the Read more [...]

Pyrex Heinz Grocery Store Promo

Welcome to the fourth edition of Material Culture Class, a monthly article where you get a little history behind the find. Since June is all about green - green grass, green leaves, and fried green tomatoes  - we're taking a look at a green, limited-edition Pyrex dish from 1953.  This is known to Read more [...]

Gramps’ Egg Basket

Welcome to the 3rd Material Culture Monday, where you get a little history behind the find. Ok kids, you're going to get out of class early.  We only have time for a quick Material Culture class today! This fabulous, rusty, crusty egg basket came from the chicken farm of my husband's grandparents, Read more [...]