Pass the Salt, Please

The recent "find" of a mid-century dinette set (see previous post) has led to a whole new facet of collecting.  Salt and pepper shakers with coordinating napkin holders have been calling to me.  It seems that they used to be a lot more common than they are now.  I did see a monkey Read more [...]

Dodging Disney Dishes

It was pretty much *crickets* around here last month, wasn't it?  That's because I took a break from blogging and went on a wonderful trip to the happiest place on Earth - Walt Disney World! I didn't forget y'all, though.   While browsing through the gift shops, and dodging repeated impulses Read more [...]

Aqua and Yellow Tablescape on the Porch

Welcome to another meal on the new screened porch!  Y'all may remember a while back I wrote Designing With An Eye for Aqua and Yellow, because that was the color scheme I was planning to use on the porch.  I ended up going with more of an aqua-and-red color scheme, but that doesn't mean we Read more [...]

Tablescape for After the Horse Show

Do you like to set a pretty tablescape when there's been a big event in the family?  My daughter competed in a horse show last weekend, so I thought it was a good excuse to set a table with an equestrian theme!  After all, I had a rather equestrian-looking candle globe already, and my other daughter Read more [...]

Dining Out with the Birds

Dining Out With the Birds buffet Pyrex plates 024 bowl
We all have had rushed, crazy days, haven't we?  Days when we just don't have time to cook a nice meal, let alone set a nice table?  Sometimes you just have to call for food delivery.  At my house, we sometimes end up eating from the lap instead of from the table ~ does it ever happen to you?  Our Read more [...]

St. Patricks Table and Buffet Ideas

St Patricks tablescape buffet serving ideas Pyrex kelly green 024 Fire King Poppy loaf pan
It's coming!  That day when we all get to be Irish, even if we really aren't.  We aren't, in my family, but for this one day per year we like to wear green and eat corned beef and cabbage or Shepherd's Pie.  We do dream of visiting Ireland one day, with its beautiful castles and miles of deep green. St. Read more [...]