Miniature Fairy Gnome Gardens

Miniature Coke Crate Fairy Gnome Garden
Having jumped on the latest bandwagon in gardening, here are four miniature gardens I created recently, two of which are planted in junkin' finds. Broken Flower Pot Mini Garden We've probably all seen this a zillion times on Pinterest, and the other day I realized I had a perfectly-broken flower pot Read more [...]

Pass the Salt, Please

The recent "find" of a mid-century dinette set (see previous post) has led to a whole new facet of collecting.  Salt and pepper shakers with coordinating napkin holders have been calling to me.  It seems that they used to be a lot more common than they are now.  I did see a monkey Read more [...]

What a Find! Mid-Century Dinette Set

Sometimes, patience pays off.  We've been wanting a different kitchen table and chairs set for years, as our old one showed the scars of our girls' toddler years, and was just not a good size for our current kitchen dining area.  We've looked at new sets and old, but just never found anything Read more [...]

Junkin’ Finds for Valentines

Lucy Riggs & Me Bear Valentines
Happy Valentines Day, everyone! Several months ago I bought a whole box of old teddy bear figurines at a thrift shop for one low price. For Valentines Day, I thought I'd share the lovey-dovey ones with you.   They're Lucy Riggs & Me collectibles, and they were sold at gift shops and card Read more [...]

Inexpensive Privacy Trellis for the Deck

Cattle panel trellis on deck with morning glories and moon flowers
When we were designing our new deck, which I revealed in my last post, we designed it without a railing, because we wanted it to feel very open to the outdoors and not closed-in.  But the far end sits pretty high above the ground thanks to the slope in our backyard.  A 5-foot fall could be Read more [...]

New Deck Reveal!

Our long-time dream of building a new deck has finally come true!  It's not 100% finished, but it's finished enough that I can show y'all.  Today we'll look at the deck, re-done wicker and cushions, restored vintage motel chairs, and lighted planters, so I hope you enjoy it and get some Read more [...]

Midcentury Pebble Art

vintage pebble gravel art boy praying
A few decades back, pebble art was a trendy make-at-home craft. The young crafters of today, busy with scrapbooking and furniture distressing, might have been gluing thousands of little pebbles to backing boards had they lived in the 1960s and 1970s.   Also known as "gravel art", the photos Read more [...]

It’s January. Must Be Time To Rearrange The Kitchen.

Franciscan Starburst atomic
It never fails.  Every time the calendar pages flip over to a new January, I feel that I must rearrange the kitchen.  Perhaps it's caused by getting all the Christmas decorations put away and feeling like the house has been completely torn up for the last couple of weeks.  Do you suffer Read more [...]

Fall at the Farmers Market

orange and white pumpkin
Welcome to the 54th week of the History and Home Link Party, it's good to have you here.  The weather here in South Carolina has been absolutely gorgeous with cool temps and low humidity.  I hope it's lovely where you are too, no matter what season you're in there in your part of the world. Read more [...]

Landscaping Around the Screened Porch

screened porch landscaping
Hooray!  We've finally managed to add a little landscaping around the new screened porch we built a few months ago.  It's amazing what a few plants and some bales of pine straw can do.  Do you use pine straw as mulch where you live?  Have you ever heard of it?  I suspect it's Read more [...]