We Call It Olde Link-Up, Week 4

Welcome to another edition of We Call It Olde, the place for bloggers to link up their articles about antiques, vintage collectibles, and history.  And the place for our readers to sit back and enjoy what we’ve dug up. 🙂

I really want to thank all of you who have been linking up and reading along, I’m feeling the love, and many folks have left comments and sent me private emails that they’ve met new people and even gotten leads to identifying their items from visits this link-up brought them.  So, yay!

My New Olde Bowl

I recently caved while surfing eBay one night and bought this cute little vintage Federal bowl, probably because I was in a Halloween decorating mood and it has orange dots.  Plus I just love Federal and have a major olde bowl addiction.  I say “caved” because I don’t like paying for shipping, and it’s not as much fun buying online as it is finding it in the wild, but I still like it anyway.

Federal orange dots bowl milk glass (That’s a Pyrex 024 in kelly green in the background, in case you wanted to know.)


Now, It’s Your Turn!


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13 thoughts on “We Call It Olde Link-Up, Week 4

  1. I like it!!! I don’t usually buy that type of bowls either, but I found a set of four with flowers like the dots, they were at a yard sale, I think I might have paid $2 – how could I leave them there, they were just too pretty!!!

  2. Don’t tell, but I love some of those old Federal bowls even more that Pyrex!!! (Shhh!) The dots are my favorites – I don’t blame you one bit for snapping it up. Thanks again for hosting – it’s so fun to have a new link-up to join!

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