We Call It Olde Link-Up, Week 10

It’s time for another round of article-sharing y’all!  Link up your posts on antiques, vintage collectibles, history, and historic places, I can’t wait to see what wonderful things you have to show us all this week.  If you’re not a writer and here just to read, we welcome you and are so glad you’re here.  Let the We Call It Olde Link-Up, Week 10 begin!  (Sorry, I just saw the Hunger Games sequel, I’m talking like Effie Trinket…)

My share for this week is a beautiful, historic place that I’ve shared before, Biltmore Estate.  But this time I have Christmas pictures to show.  We visited Biltmore at Christmas back in 2010 and wow, was it decorated beautifully.

Of course, with front doors this elaborate, a pair of simple wreaths is enough.  I missed these two gargoyles in my gargoyles post in October – bad blogger!

Biltmore Estate front door Christmas



Interior photography is not allowed in the house, so I guess my cell phone just “went off” and got this shot of the grand staircase.  Oops!  How about that domed ceiling?

Biltmore Estate stairs staircase Christmas


I’ll tell you one thing, I don’t stand under that chandelier.  Do you see that big, round tier up there?  There are two more layers just like it below at the two lower floors.  I can’t imagine what that thing weighs.  And it’s all held in place by one bolt.  The tour guide said so.

This lovely sitting area is in the Conservatory, just across the formal garden from the house.  What a peaceful place it was.

Biltmore Estate Christmas conservatory greenhouse



I’ve written two other posts on Biltmore Estate, and The Gargoyles of Biltmore Estate, in case you’d like to read them.

Thanks to Kathe With An E for letting me spread the word about this link-up at You’re Gonna Love It Tuesday.


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biltmore estate gargoyle

“Please, nothing new, only olde”

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13 thoughts on “We Call It Olde Link-Up, Week 10

  1. Hi Dawn,
    What a beautiful place, I have never been there but have read about it and seen pictures in my Victorian magazines! Gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for hosting and have a great Tuesday!

  2. My iPhone has been known to take a few naughty photos inside buildings as well. Biltmore is on my “when we’re both retired” list along with Williamsburg at Christmas. In fact, we’ll probably do them both on the same trip.

  3. A friend of mine use to visit Biltmore every other year however she never was there when Christmas decor was featured.
    How beautiful.
    Can you imagine living in a mansion like that? i can’t even imagine people building such a place
    I seen you over on Gina’s blog Victorian Wanna Be


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