Birdfeeder Post Update plus History and Home Link Party

Welcome to the 29th History and Home Link Party, where bloggers can share their stories on home decor and DIY, antiques and vintage, and history, and readers can just relax and browse and read to your heart’s content.

The birdfeeder and flower post in the front yard got an update recently ~ it finally got painted.  We didn’t paint it when we first built it because the stuff they put in wood to make it pressure-treated was still really wet, so it was best to let it dry out a bit.  Here it is all finished.

freestanding bird feeder flower post pole



It looks so much nicer now that it’s painted black, to match the hooks and the solar light on top.  To see how we put this together last summer, read DIY: Freestanding Bird Feeder and Flower Post.

Now, it’s everyone else’s turn to show us what you’ve got.  


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16 thoughts on “Birdfeeder Post Update plus History and Home Link Party

  1. Good morning, Dawn! It’s always fun to see what you’ve been up to, and thanks for the party. I love your post. Pretty soon those baskets will be overflowing. I’m sharing some tips on hummers this week. Still haven’t spotted any hummers in my area yet, and we have a chance of s@#w (can’t even type it!) today, freezing temps tonight. Have a great Easter week.

  2. Your bird feeder and flower holder just says Welcome Spring. Love it! Thanks for hosting and have a Happy Easter!

    Shannon ~

  3. The bird feeder looks great. I like the post painted black, it does look more cohesive now. I don’t have a post yet this week. I am working on a Easter post for Thursday. Thank you for hosting….. Candy

  4. Do you have any issues with squirrels? I want to do this but not sure how I will keep the pests off the post.

    1. Yes I do, sadly! I bought a couple of “squirrel-proof feeders”, they work somewhat well but not perfectly. Sometimes I only have flowers on the post. Take care – Dawn

    2. Regarding squirrels, the feeders I purchased from Amazon work pretty well, but I still see them hanging off the feeders on occasion. These feeders are exclusionary. Let birds in, but the outer cage drops down, blocking the seed when a heavier animal alights the feeder.

      One tip that might work for you is to mix red pepper flakes into the seed. Squirrels don’t like HOT. Birds, from what I have read, can’t taste it so they are not effected because they do not have taste buds. Here is a werbsite which discusses squirrels vs. bird feeding:

      Hope that helps.

  5. I got tired of my ‘squirrel’ feeders – what a waste of seed, so I purchased a couple of so called squirrel proof feeders from my favorite store – amazon dot com.

    I hung them on the shepherds hook, but they didn’t fit well (hung down too far) so I was thinking “What now?”Your post is a great idea that I’m going to copy. I especially like the black paint idea. I found the exact solar lamp at Lowes. Last one 🙂

    Just wondering how the paint holds up getting wet with a sprinkler, etc.

    Anyways, thanks for the idea – Bob V

    1. Sorry for the extremely late reply Bob, glad you liked the idea for the bird feeder post! I did just notice the other day the paint is peeling a bit, but it’s been about 2 years since we painted it, so that’s not too bad. Guess I’ll slap some more paint on soon 🙂 Enjoy!

  6. Thanks for your reply. Mine is the same as yours except I didn’t paint it. I found the same lamp for the top of the post and three hangers, although I’m only using the ones on each side. I might hang a plant in the middle or a bird bath. This was a great idea and should last for many years.

    Maybe I’ll paint the post next year, as that black looks pretty spiffy. Give it some time to ‘air out’


    Bob Vail

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