Belmont Mansion in Nashville, Tennesee

Belmont Mansion Exterior
Here are a few photos from  my recent visit to the beautiful Belmont Mansion in Nashville, Tennessee.  Part of the Belmont University campus, you can tour this incredible mansion for only $15.    There are some interesting stories related to this Read more [...]

Miniature Fairy Gnome Gardens

Miniature Coke Crate Fairy Gnome Garden
Having jumped on the latest bandwagon in gardening, here are four miniature gardens I created recently, two of which are planted in junkin' finds. Broken Flower Pot Mini Garden We've probably all seen this a zillion times on Pinterest, and the other day I realized I had a perfectly-broken flower pot Read more [...]
Whether you call it junkin', antiquing, thrifting, picking, or yard saleing, it's probably the memories that keep you collecting things of olde.  Here you'll discover junkin' finds, historic places, home and garden ideas, recipes, and even a few rabbit trails.  Want to know if something's Read more [...]

Junkin’ Funnies

It's springtime, and you know what that means... YARD SALE SEASON!  Time to go junkin' to pay almost nothing for other people's clutter so you can add to your own clutter!  People nowadays are getting clever about marketing their yard sales, and some of the signs I've seen do a great job of Read more [...]

Nancy Lynn’s Cute Fruit and Vintage Camper Gal

YouTube has pretty much replaced television for me.  In fact, I cut the cord on my cable company a few months ago.  There's just so much cool olde stuff to see on YouTube, from urban explorers to abandoned places to vintage travel trailer tours, who needs those obviously scripted "reality" Read more [...]

Pass the Salt, Please

The recent "find" of a mid-century dinette set (see previous post) has led to a whole new facet of collecting.  Salt and pepper shakers with coordinating napkin holders have been calling to me.  It seems that they used to be a lot more common than they are now.  I did see a monkey Read more [...]

What a Find! Mid-Century Dinette Set

Sometimes, patience pays off.  We've been wanting a different kitchen table and chairs set for years, as our old one showed the scars of our girls' toddler years, and was just not a good size for our current kitchen dining area.  We've looked at new sets and old, but just never found anything Read more [...]

Junkin’ Finds: Handmade Vase “Oregon Cascades”

Handmade Vase "Oregon Cascades"
How many times have you been browsing in a shop with local, hand crafted pieces of pottery and art, and just wished the prices were a little lower?  Those artists have to make a living, of course, and the shop has to make a profit, so high prices on hand crafted items is certainly understandable. Read more [...]

Junkin’ Finds for Valentines

Lucy Riggs & Me Bear Valentines
Happy Valentines Day, everyone! Several months ago I bought a whole box of old teddy bear figurines at a thrift shop for one low price. For Valentines Day, I thought I'd share the lovey-dovey ones with you.   They're Lucy Riggs & Me collectibles, and they were sold at gift shops and card Read more [...]