Armchair Junkin: Episode 6

We Call It Armchair Junkin promo chair


Are you in your comfy chairs, folks?  I hope so, because it’s time for We Call It Junkin’s monthly game – Armchair Junkin!  In case this is new to you, this is where you:

  1. just sit back in your comfy armchair
  2. come on a virtual antique- or thrift-shopping trip with me
  3. then play “what-would-I-buy” with everybody else.

There’s even a poll at the end where you can vote, no email address or personal info needed.  Vote for as many as you like.

By the way – this is fantasy shopping, so storage space and funds are not an issue, you just vote on what you would like to have bought if there were no limits.  How much fun would that be?!

Last Month’s Roundup and Winner

Here’s a refresher on what we had to vote on from last month’s trip to an estate sale and antique mall:




…and the winner was…  the secretary (top, right corner photo above) with 23% of the votes!  Y’all have great taste, and I loved that piece, too.

And now…Episode 6 – Friday Afternoon Thrift Store Run!

1.  Hextowriter typewriter.  Silent auction item, next bid would have been $25.00.

vintage antique hextowriter typewriter



2. Hand painted chest of drawers.  $250.00, and that drawer that’s sticking out was pretty badly jammed 🙁

painted chest of drawers



3.  Gate leg table, $175.00.

gateleg drop leaf table



4. Fisher Price Merry Go Round, $10.  If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen this, couldn’t wait to share.

vintage Fisher Price merry go round carousel



5.  Interesting coffee table, $25.  What do you think?  Vintage? Repro? Made from a sewing machine altered in some way?

vintage coffee table



6.  China cabinet, modern I think.  $275.00.

china cabinet



7.  Rusty gold!  Antique cast iron stove, $150.00.

antique cast iron stove



8.  I was amazed to find two vintage refrigerators the same day at two different thrifts.  This GE was hard to photograph because there was a massive TV in front of it.  $150.

vintage antique general electric refrigerator



9.  This Amana, for $100, has a PINK and white interior!  Oh my goodness!  I begged Hubby to buy it for storage shelving in his new shop, because that really is the only place we could possibly fit it.  He said, “Uh…no.”  I don’t think he was groovin’ on the pink.

vintage antique amana refrigerator


Do Your Thing – Voting Ends April 30, 2014 around midnight

Remember now, money is no object, you have unlimited storage space, so what would you like if you’d been shopping with me?   You can vote for as many as you like.  Most popular item will be announced in Episode 7 early next month.  Thanks for playing, y’all!  ~Dawn


Welcome to those of you joining from any of these fine link-ups! I hope you’ll stick around a while.

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11 thoughts on “Armchair Junkin: Episode 6

  1. Lol, we had a GE fridge just like that one in one of our two kitchens, growing up. Yes, we had two kitchens, two full size refrigerators, plus a full size freezer (9 kids!). Fun post.

  2. Hi Dawn. Fun things to see. Not necessarily purchase though. First for me = pink shelving in a fridge! Haa. If you lived close, I’d gladly give you a (awful) Lazy Boy recliner. We purchased new in 2011. The fabric stinks. Odor will not go away. I never sit in it. Got to keep this horrible chair covered with (always clean) a queen sheet + a double size comforter, the toxic odors make me sick. I wouldn’t know where to begin to remove icky fabric, and replace. Sad for me. {{sigh}}

  3. My MIL gave us her GE fridge just like this one when we got married. I put up with defrosting it for over a year until it started shocking me. I demanded a new refrigerator – still using it! Love the typewriter and the cast iron stove thought both are pretty useless except for decorative value. The gate leg table is beautiful.

  4. Hi Dawn, love all of it but I can imagine that old stove all decorated up with candles burning in it, I would so buy that if I had a chance. My next choice would be the Gate leg table. Fun! Lisa@ Sweet Tea N’ Salty Air.

  5. That is an incredible thrift store Dawn! My favorite is the grumpy boy’s face on the Fisher Price toy. Love it! I had those sets when I was a kid.

  6. I just love the china cabinet. I think the coffee table legs are from old theatre seats.
    I love to go thrift store, antique shop, flea market shopping!! Thanks for inviting us along.

  7. I’ll take the coffee table please. I love those green iron legs. I like the china cabinet and the gate leg table too. It has been fun shopping with you.

  8. I’d have to get that typewriter for my daughter who has a collection of old ones — she’d love it! The gate leg table would be a must in my dining room — love those fancy legs! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the FP merry-go-round… and we had a lot of FP toys way back when! Nor have I seen a fridge with pink insides, so retro!

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