Armchair Junkin: Episode 5

We Call It Armchair Junkin promo chair

Woot, woot!  It’s time for another round of Armchair Junkin!  My regular readers tell me they love it, so I’m happy to keep it going, and if you’re new here —

This is where you:

  1. just sit back in your comfy armchair
  2. come on a virtual antique- or thrift-shopping trip with me
  3. then play “what-would-I-buy” with everybody else.

There’s even a poll at the end where you can vote, no email address or personal info needed.   Fun, right?

Episode 4 Results

First things first, we must reveal the results from Armchair Junkin: Episode 4.  In that round, we had TWO polls, one for you, one for me.

YOUR choice, your #1 vote-getter, was the beautiful retro-red-and-white dining set!  And who can blame you?  It’s retro awesomeness in all its glory.

vintage red kitchen table chair set


For the second poll, where you tried to guess how well you knew me and what I bought, well….you were close…

The top three guesses were these:



You’ll be surprised, if you know me, to learn that I passed on the Pyrex, both of them!  But I did buy the little yellow shelf. It’s just what we need for my daughter’s room to display one of her paintings that’s impossible to hang.  It will get a paint job!

Here’s what else I got:



The clear corn plates and the Farmers Market plates, which nearly no one thought I’d buy. Ahem, um, tablescapes, anyone?  😉

And, the super heavy and cool Scotch tape dispenser, which a few of you told me you also own.  The original sticker being on the bottom sold it for me.


And now, Episode 5:

Okay, time to play a new round, you ready?  I didn’t buy anything from this group, so it’s all on you this time.  Remember, we’re virtual shopping and fantasizing, so…money’s no object, space is not an issue.  No one’s going to report you to the producers of the TV show Hoarders, and you just won the lottery…GO!

Side Table




Buffet with Open Shelves








Piano Stool




Deer Planter  (I really almost bought this little cutie)




Kitchen Scale




Toy Truck




Tin Canister w/ Blue Knob




Pyrex Casserole (at an antique mall, I may go back for it…)




Everything except the Pyrex casserole were at an estate sale, and you’ll probably agree that those folks have really beautiful taste.  I could have photographed everything in the house.  Wow, what a gorgeous collection!

Now, what would you have bought if you’d been shopping with me?  Remember, the sky’s the limit, and no personal info or email address is needed to vote in the poll.




Thanks so much for playing, and tune in early in April for the results and Episode 6!

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A big “Thank You” to everyone who helped me decide on which Armchair Junkin graphic to use.  It was unanimous.  The chair in the field won out over the baby used in Episode 4.  My sweet blogger friend Donna from Distressed Donna Downhome kindly said I should use this one “because we always have a field day when we visit here.”  Awww, Donna, you are the best!

Finally, hello and welcome to everyone visiting from A Living Space, Give Me The GoodsSavvy Southern Style, Colorado Lady, Thrifty Groove, Miss Mustard Seed, Sir Thrift A Lot, and Dwellings.  So glad you came to visit, stick around awhile! ~ Dawn

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6 thoughts on “Armchair Junkin: Episode 5

  1. Another field day! I had to pick the side table and the buffet and the truck. I do feel sorry that the canister has not gotten a vote yet, but there is hope yet.

  2. Oh, this was fun. It is my first time to come by and play your game! So many things so look at and so many things I’d like to buy. I saw some vintage trucks not long ago at an antique store and they were over $100!! Now I love my Pyrex too. Just wish I were rich! 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  3. So much fun!!! Love what won last month and what you bought did surprise me! Well I voted and my top buy would be the secretary. I have wanted one for so many years…maybe I will save my $$ and finally buy one. Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  4. You can never have to many buffets! I wish I had one in every room of the house except the guest bathroom (and that is only because the guest bathroom is to small).

  5. I would have wanted so many things…the secretary, the buffet with shelves, the scale…I have to stay away!

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