Armchair Junkin, Episode 3

Welcome back to Armchair Junkin! What’s that? If you missed the first two virtual shopping trips, it’s a chance for you to sit back in a comfy armchair and come out junkin with me!  (That is, assuming you have a laptop or mobile device.  A desktop computer on your lap would NOT be comfy.)  We go to antique shops, thrift stores…hey, we’ll have to hit a flea market when the weather warms up a bit.

The Winner Was…

First things first.  Last month in Episode 2, we had a poll where y’all got to vote for what YOU would have bought if money and space were no object.  The winner was:

The 1830s Slave-Made Cabinet!

antique cabinet wardrobe slave made built 1830s

I don’t blame y’all, I’d love to own this, too.  But my house is full!  Now, on to my latest trip out, come along with me, will ya?

Some Poor Lady and Fabulous Furniture

If you’ve “shopped” with me before, you know how I’m always whining about seeing “some poor lady’s needlework” being given up by her family members when she passes away, for sale in a thrift store or an antique shop.  I know I’m making assumptions here – men do needlework too, and maybe the maker gave it up herself, who knows?  And I know people can’t keep everything.

I stopped making quilts after making 2 bed-size and a few wall-size, partly because I was running out of storage space.  Good thing, what would my 2 daughters have done with them all when I’m gone if I’d made 100 of them as my grandmother did?

I just want to rescue all the quilts, afghans, and cross-stitches I see.  Alas, I cannot.  But we can at least appreciate them here, and dream of what we’d take home if we could.  Be sure to VOTE at the end! (No email or personal info needed to vote)

#1 – Old Mill Cross Stitch



#2 – Hummel Boy & Girl Pillows



#3 – Pot on the Fire Pillow



#4 – Hole in the Barn Door Quilt




#5 – Huge Needlework! I forget now if it was needlepoint or cross stitch, but this cabin and mountain scene was about 2.5′ x 4.5′, and only $125.  I wish you could see it in person.  Incredible.


I’ve spotted some great furniture, too, which you can also vote for – if money were no object and your space were unlimited.  Which would you buy?  (Vote for as many as you like)

#6 – Dresser with glove drawers




#7 – Cool Adirondack style table



#8 – Painted, marble-top wash stand

painted marble top chest


Pyrex Pretties

You know me and Pyrex, if it’s out there, I’m gonna sniff it out like a bloodhound.

I couldn’t believe it.  THE Christmas Pyrex bowl.  The one all Pyrex collectors dream of finding in the wild, meaning you don’t have to buy it online and pay shipping and worry the delivery people will smash it.  I painfully tore myself away, though.  This thing is huge!  I didn’t know where I’d store it, what I’d use it for, and I couldn’t stomach the $42 price.   #9

pyrex red Christmas golden leaf holly bowl

I’ve also spotted a Pyrex Snowflake Space Saver, the mate to the larger one I already had at home!  Well, I’ll just go ahead and tell you, I DID buy it!  Would you?    #10

Pyrex Snowflake Space Saver


Okay, Time To Play!

Time to get in your two cents, what’s your favorite?  If you had been junkin with me, and you’d just hit the lottery, and you had a huge house with lots of space…in other words, no excuses, what would you have taken home?

Vote for as many as you like.  Poll closes January 31, 2014.  (I almost typed 2013!)  Thanks for playing!  And you’re still most welcome to leave a comment, too.

Be sure to check in for Armchair Junkin: Episode 4 in February for the results.  To make sure you don’t miss it, subscribe to We Call It Junkin email alerts in the sidebar, or use one of the other following options.  You’ll make my day if you do!  Be blessed ~ Dawn

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12 thoughts on “Armchair Junkin, Episode 3

  1. I have that bowl – I think I paid $20, I wouldn’t have paid $42 either. I put it on my coffee table with Christmas fixins’ in it – actually, it has moved to my kitchen table with a few of the fixins’ removed.

  2. This was a fun trip today. Thank you for clarifying what those drawers were meant for on the dressing table. (Gloves!) Did some antiquing myself this weekend and managed to pick up 4 cobalt blue glass chargers. Isn’t it fun to look at others’ treasures? Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  3. That huge cross stitch picture is fabulous! I would love to have it ~ don’t know where I would put it, but I’d love it!

    So nice to finding another South Carolina blogger! My husband and I lived in the Rosewood neighborhood in Columbia when we were newly married. I’m in Aiken currently.

    Happy thrifting!

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