Armchair Junkin is BACK! Episode 15: One Hour Sprint Through Huge Antique Mall

It’s back, boys and girls – Armchair Junkin’, maybe-not-everyone’s-but-most-people’s favorite feature here on We Call It Junkin’.  

We Call It Armchair Junkin promo baby

For the new folks, or the forgetful ones because it’s been quite a long time, this is just a silly but fun post in which you get to:

* go on a virtual junkin’ trip with me

* fantasy shop while pretending money and space are in abundance

* vote for your favorite finds at the end

Today we’re sprinting through a whopper of an antique mall, housed in a huge old mill.  (I bet my fellow junkin’ blogger Distressed Donna knows which one πŸ™‚ )

 Here we go!

antique fire alarm box

Antique Fire Alarm Box, $395

Isn’t the color gorgeous?


Tulip Time Franciscan Dishes

Franciscan Tulip Time Plates & Gravy Boat, $9 – $12.5

Oh how I love me some Franciscan dinnerware


Whiskey Decanter Bottle

This thing! A liquor bottle being hugged by a liquor bottle? I think?

I didn’t photograph the price, about $30 if memory serves


Ceramic Chocolate Cake PlateA tasty-looking ceramic cake plate, $30


Plaid Thermos Picnic Bag Set

Plaid Thermos Picnic Bag, $15 reduced

The bag was in rough shape, still fabulous, though


Plastic Moo-Cow Creamer

Moo-Cow Creamer, $12

What do you think, 1970s?


Brass Owls

Brass Owls, $24

(Remember the air freshener wax owls from years ago?)


Homer Laughlin Apple Tree Bowl

Homer Laughlin Apple Tree Bowl, $42

I predict this will be popular in the poll, but I’m a bowl fanatic so I’m jaded.  Get it, jaded?  Cuz it’s green? Moving on…


Blue and White Pyrex Dish 

Pyrex Dish in unknown (to me) pattern, $20

Anyone know the pattern name?


Kitchen Cabinet with Glass Doors

Kitchen cabinet, $125

I still kick myself for selling a similar one I had πŸ™ 


Kitchen Table with Chrome

Kitchen table with chrome trim, $160

(And why don’t all kitchen tables have drawers? I mean, really, that’s just genius)


Blow Mold Christmas Candles 

Blow mold Christmas candles, $32 each

I once nearly ran over a lady trying to get to something similar at an estate sale, but she beat me to it.  πŸ™ again.


Marble Topped Buffet

Marble-top buffet, $795

Isn’t that a good price for something so beautiful?


 Wicker Picnic Baskets

Woven picnic baskets, about $25 each

I’m really digging the color on that green one. 


Whew! Time to go pick up the kid from the thing. 

So what’s your pick?  You can vote for as many as you like!


Thanks for playing and have fun out there.



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11 thoughts on “Armchair Junkin is BACK! Episode 15: One Hour Sprint Through Huge Antique Mall

  1. I haven’t been there in months! Thanks for taking us on a tour. By the time I am through shopping at the flea market, my truck is full. glad you brought this feature back – it’s a ton of fun.

    1. Hello Donna! I haven’t been to either of the flea markets in ages, I need to do an Armchair Junkin’ from there some time. Thanks for playing along, these posts are a lot of editing work but yes, very fun indeed. Take care – Dawn

  2. Love this post! I wish I lived closer to this antique mall…….right now it would be quite a trip from So. CA!! Hope all is well, Dawn. This was sure fun!!!
    P.S. Have a Happy Easter!!

  3. We used to call cows moo-cows when we were really little (late 50s/early 60s). I wonder if that’s why.

    Yep!!! Homer Laughlin Apple Tree Bowl. A super winner for me!

    Love the white cabinet, and for that price, I would have brought it home!!!

    That’s a beautiful marble-topped buffet.

    So, where is this place located?

    1. I used to say “moo-cows”, too, I’d completely forgotten about that! You have good taste, the cabinet and bowl are tied for first place in the vote as of now. This is the Old Mill Antique Mall in West Columbia SC. Always lots of goodies here πŸ™‚ Take care, Dawn

    2. We must have driven right by Old Mill Antique Mall in West Columbia SC when we went to meet up with “Distressed Donna” Wilkes in Aiken, SC. We “rode the ridge” by driving a bit north to a small town, and I can’t remember the name (Spring Ridge?). We plan on making more trips to visit Donna, so we might have to meet her in W. Columbia next time!

  4. Oh be still my heart, how I love that Homer Laughlin Apple Tree bowl so much. Don’t know when I came to be such a nut for bowls, not all, just special ones like that one.
    When we lived in western KY (Bowling Green area) I found out about this wonderful little town northeast of B.G. which had several wonderful antique stores, oh my how I miss that place. Town called Smith’s Grove where I spent way too much time especially first year we were there. Got to know several of dealers at shops. One particular shop had a lot of Homer Laughlin pieces among other things. During Spring, Summer and Fall they’d have antique shows, other vendors would attend, got a few nice pieces.
    Whose beautiful baby is that in first photo? She is so adorable. Reminds me a lot of our youngest at that age with plump cheeks and dark hair.
    Altho weather in KY didn’t agree with me I still miss it there and our place out in country. Not good climate for arthritis, allergies and asthma.
    Enjoy rest of weekend.

    1. The cute baby is just from a Google search for “armchair” photos. I found it a few years ago. She’s probably 20 years old now, ha ha

      I’ve been through Kentucky only once. Always wanted to go back, just beautiful country there

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