What I Bought at Antique Archaeology

During a recent trip to Nashville, Tennessee, I was thrilled to get to shop at the American Pickers’ Antique Archaeology! 


For years my family and I have watched Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, stars of The History Channel’s American Pickers, find little pieces of history in people’s barns, attics, yards, and even tunnels.   (That last one was the infamous Mole Man episode.)  When they outgrew their original store in Iowa, they opened a second location in a wonderful old brick building a few blocks north of Nashville’s Music Row.  I have to confess that I wasn’t thinking “future blog post” while I visited, so I didn’t take too many pictures, but here are a few that I can share with you.

How about this terrific neon sign?!  





They had a wide array of old signs, plus many musical instruments and Nashville / Grand Ole Opry memorabilia.  There were a lot of things from Mike’s personal collection that weren’t for sale.  Did you see the American Pickers episode with the tiny little mummy?  It was there! 

Also, this guy:


It’s some kind of costume…I guess?  He’s looking at you –


He has just the right combination of whimsy and creepiness –


As you can imagine, the prices were pretty high.  I did buy one little thing that I’ll show you at the end.  


As for the rest of the building, I did get some photos of this former automobile factory that’s now divided into lots of smaller shops.  Throughout the building were several examples of old machinery from when this was an auto plant.  



From the looks of things, it seems the American Pickers’ purchase and use of the building is saving it.  What a great use for a beautiful olde structure!



Well, I couldn’t afford any of the cool finds Mike & Frank had for sale, and I resisted the temptation to buy one of their MANY t-shirts, but I did pick up this little souvenir of my visit:


A koozie for my new love and addiction, La Croix.  


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8 thoughts on “What I Bought at Antique Archaeology

    1. La Croix is a naturally flavored carbonated water that I am completed addicted to. I can’t drink soda because of the sugar and caffeine (well I can, but I shouldn’t) and I can’t have diet soda because artificial sweeteners give me migraines, so this is a fantastic substitute. It’s literally just carbonated water and natural fruit flavor. 2 ingredients on the label! Good for you and you get to feel like you’re drinking soda. It’s not sweet, of course, but I got used to that very quickly and now I think real soda is way too sweet! It’s pricey though, a lot of grocery stores are coming out with their own versions that are a little more affordable.

  1. I love American Pickers and watch it all the time. How wonderful that you got to visit their Nashville store. Wish I had been there with you!!!

  2. Boy, I love that old building! High prices make it easy to avoid the temptation of a purchase but I may have splurge for a tee. Did you get to go to the Nashville flea market?

    1. Hi there, Donna! No I didn’t know about the flea market, my junkin’ radar let me down on that one! Well gee, I’ll just have to plan a trip back there, won’t I?

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