More Olde Signs!

It's been quite a long time since I shared some cool olde signs with y'all, like these beauties.  Here are a few more that I photographed on a visit to Spartanburg, South Carolina a few months back.   Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! If you've never tasted a Krispy Kreme doughnut, then honey, you haven't yet lived a full life.  I, on the other hand, have had a couple thousand of them, which explains the waistline.  I once knew a man who said that when he died, he wanted his body Read more [...]

Two Interesting Finds Of Late

Hi folks! Long time no see! Just taking a quick minute to share two interesting finds from recent junkin' excursions. The first is this pillow:   How nice that Ben Stiller's wife made him a pillow declaring him to be the World's Greatest Husband!   Too bad someone gave it to a thrift store.  (No, I didn't buy...)   Second, these adorably vintage angel candle holders by Lefton:   My favorite thing about these is that they were originally sold at the Tapp's Department Read more [...]

Armchair Junkin: Episode 14 – The Jewelry Edition

Armchair junkin' has returned!  Just sit back in your comfy chair and do some virtual junkin' with me.  Usually I take pics while in a thrift store or antique store, but today, I'm sharing pics of some great jewelry finds that came out of a massive box of tangled jewelry I bought for what seemed like a risky price, but since there were some good things for my eBay listings, turned out to be a decent deal.   Lots of vintage jewelry ahead!   No. 1:  Vendome necklace, long Read more [...]

Catching Up

Since I awoke at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep, I thought, "Why not write a blog post today?!"  I have oodles of junkin' finds and happenings to share, but will only share a few for now.  I do have to get ready for the "real job" soon.   Flooded: South Carolina is still recovering from the terrible flooding of "The Thousand Year Storm" in early October.  My family and I were quite blessed and fortunate and suffered no damage at all.  Families and businesses just Read more [...]

Thomas Wolfe Home

Today I'm sharing a few photos from my recent tour of the Thomas Wolfe home in Asheville, NC.  This is open to public tours and has quite a few interesting stories, so if you're in Asheville, I definitely recommend it for you history lovers out there.   Thomas Wolfe is North Carolina's most famous author, according to our tour guide.  He wrote Look Homeward, Angel to widespread acclaim, but to the horror of many 1920s Asheville residents.   You see, Thomas grew up in Read more [...]

Dishes Graveyard

Long time, no blog!  Hello and welcome back after a four-month hiatus.  Perhaps we'll get back to some degree of regular posting over here, I do miss my junkin' friends. Last week the hubby & I took a wonderfully relaxing vacation to Asheville, North Carolina.  Mountains, waterfalls, cool weather, and great food were just some of the things we enjoyed.  On the drive to Maggie Valley one day, we happened upon a great spot called The Dish Barn, and I just had to share this Read more [...]

Cookie Jars Sighted!

Do you collect vintage cookie jars?  A lot of folks do, and some of them are worth WHOPPING amounts of money.  I once knew a lady who loved going to auctions and getting them for $1 or $2, and she had a collector's guide that had pictured a jade-green "hobo" cookie jar that was...ready...?  ...worth $20,000!  And that was over 20 years ago! I haven't bought or spotted anything like that in my junkin' excursions, but I did see a few cute ones at an antique mall a few weeks back. Read more [...]

A Few Finds for February

When stuck for a blog post title, isn't is nice that we can always turn to alliteration?  Did you think I fell off the planet?  I'm still on the third rock from the sun, but spending lots more time on other things and not taking much time for blogging.   Hoping to correct that, somewhat.  Not only do I plan to resume regular, though less-frequent, posting here but I've created a new photography blog, as well!  After it was born I let it sit there alone and ignored for quite Read more [...]

Christmas Gifts and New Year Finds

Better late than never, I'm finally getting around to showing you what my sweet hubby gave me for Christmas.  We'd been browsing an antique mall a couple weeks before Christmas and I pointed out a couple of things I really liked, and what do you know?  He remembered and went back for them! A lovely Franciscan Autumn serving dish (I collect this pattern) and 8 footed glasses that the dealer had marked "Whitehall".  I thought Fostoria had made these glasses, but maybe Whitehall did, Read more [...]

It’s January. Must Be Time To Rearrange The Kitchen.

It never fails.  Every time the calendar pages flip over to a new January, I feel that I must rearrange the kitchen.  Perhaps it's caused by getting all the Christmas decorations put away and feeling like the house has been completely torn up for the last couple of weeks.  Do you suffer this affliction as I do?  Do you feel the need to rearrange and reorganize every January first? I did manage to resist the urge until January 3rd this year, so maybe that's progress 🙂   First, Read more [...]

Armchair Junkin: Episode 13

Back by popular demand, welcome to another episode of Armchair Junkin' y'all!   Just sit back in a comfy chair and go on a virtual junkin' spree with me, and at the end, vote for your favorites!   It's kinda like shopping, only you don't spend any money and you don't add to your pile.  Hee hee.  This month we have a theme:  Mid Century Madness! But first, last time's fave?  The majority of you voted for those FABULOUS Napco NOEL Bells!  So sweet and lovely:   Now, Read more [...]

Hey, I Know These Chickens!

Happy New Year to you, Sweet Readers!  Forgive my being so absent lately, I didn't even post my Christmas card for you all that I wanted to do.  We had a very nice Christmas here and I hope you did, as well.  My awesome Hubby even got me some vintage goodies for Christmas, which I'll be showing y'all soon.  I'm feeling refreshed thanks to my sort-of-blogging-break I've been taking, and hope to overcome laziness and post a little more often here on the Junkin'.  Though there Read more [...]

A Great Find Just In Time For Rudolph’s Anniversary

Did you hear that the television special Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is 50 years old this year?  If you grew up watching it every Christmas, as I did, or perhaps watched with your children while they were growing up, then you might find my latest junkin' discovery pretty interesting.   Over Thanksgiving weekend, I visited an antique mall that had a stack of these 1960s The American Home magazines for 2/$3.00. There are SO MANY cool things in these mags that I need to share with y'all, Read more [...]

Armchair Junkin: Episode 12, The Christmas Edition!

Whoa, it's been a long time since we all went "armchair junkin'" together!  I had a couple of new ideas for this episode - junkin' online and having a Christmas theme, so I hope y'all like it! In case this is new to you, this is where you: just sit back in your comfy armchair come on a virtual antique- or thrift-shopping trip with me then play “what-would-I-buy” with everybody else. There’s even a poll at the end where you can vote, no email address or personal info Read more [...]

If You Have An Extra $20,000…

If you have an extra $20,000 you don't need for luxuries like food and shelter, then you can become the proud owner of a huge Franciscan Starburst collection!   I check eBay once in a while looking for deals on vintage Franciscan pieces, and recently discovered this listing, which I just had to share with y'all:   Yowza!  This set is said to contain at least one of each piece that the Gladding McBean Pottery in California made in the Franciscan Starburst line, manufactured in Read more [...]