A Great Find Just In Time For Rudolph’s Anniversary

Did you hear that the television special Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is 50 years old this year?  If you grew up watching it every Christmas, as I did, or perhaps watched with your children while they were growing up, then you might find my latest junkin' discovery pretty interesting.   Over Thanksgiving weekend, I visited an antique mall that had a stack of these 1960s The American Home magazines for 2/$3.00. There are SO MANY cool things in these mags that I need to share with y'all, Read more [...]

Armchair Junkin: Episode 12, The Christmas Edition!

Whoa, it's been a long time since we all went "armchair junkin'" together!  I had a couple of new ideas for this episode - junkin' online and having a Christmas theme, so I hope y'all like it! In case this is new to you, this is where you: just sit back in your comfy armchair come on a virtual antique- or thrift-shopping trip with me then play “what-would-I-buy” with everybody else. There’s even a poll at the end where you can vote, no email address or personal info Read more [...]

If You Have An Extra $20,000…

If you have an extra $20,000 you don't need for luxuries like food and shelter, then you can become the proud owner of a huge Franciscan Starburst collection!   I check eBay once in a while looking for deals on vintage Franciscan pieces, and recently discovered this listing, which I just had to share with y'all:   Yowza!  This set is said to contain at least one of each piece that the Gladding McBean Pottery in California made in the Franciscan Starburst line, manufactured in Read more [...]

How Junkin Saved Me Over $200!

See? I'm still here!  Everyone left such sweet comments last week when I announced I was discontinuing the weekly link party and cutting back on blogging, and I really appreciated it!   I have been getting in some junkin' lately, both online and in the thrifts. and I've gotten some incredible deals! About 20 years ago I went to a Pampered Chef party, where they demonstrated a cool apple peeler / corer / slicer that was about $30.  I really wanted one but couldn't swing the money Read more [...]

Historic Sylvan Building

Today we're visiting a gorgeous old building in downtown Columbia, South Carolina, at the request of my sweet blogging friend Donna, from Distressed Donna Downhome.  This Second Empire building dates to 1870, and has been the home of Sylvan's Jewelers since 1905, having been a bank originally.     That ornate clock (above) was installed in 1906 by the Sylvan brothers.   The south side of the building became part of a modern art piece called "Never Bust", installed by artist Read more [...]

Changes and Final HHLP

Hello, Sweet Readers!   That's right, this is the final History and Home Link Party (at least, for now) and it's also time to share some changes with you all.  Regular readers have probably noticed a major slow-down in posting here at We Call It Junkin. I've been thinking and praying and thinking and praying and finally decided what to do, and I feel good about it!    In The Beginning... The reason I started this site was to create an income-producing business for myself. Read more [...]

Online Photography Classes

Welcome to the 57th History & Home link party, but first, let's talk photography.  Ah, photography.  It's something I've been interested in since I can remember.  I tried to take a 101 class in college but it was so popular, I couldn't get in!   The last several years have been more about being a mom and wife than worrying about photography.  As the kids get older, though, they don't need me as much, which opened up some time.  Enter:  Blogging... which led Read more [...]

History at the Fair

Welcome to the 56th History & Home link party, but first, a tour around an olde-time settlement displayed at the South Carolina State Fair.     That antique wagon is a beauty!  And so is this antique truck:   This truck had a Williams Grist Mill mounted in the back with a 12" grinding wheel, for grinding grain.  I love the little roof built over the mill! This next item is really interesting.  This is how children's carnival rides were made back in Read more [...]

Find Your Vintage at the State Fair

It's week #55 of the History & Home Link Party, the place to share your stories about your home, including DIY projects and recipes and decor, and anything from yesteryear, be it antiques, vintage collectibles, and historic places.   The motto of the South Carolina State Fair is "Find Your Happy".  When we attended the fair on Saturday, we did find our happy, and we also found some vintage!  After going on some rides and eating some crazy fair food, we viewed some of the exhibits. Read more [...]

Fall at the Farmers Market

Welcome to the 54th week of the History and Home Link Party, it's good to have you here.  The weather here in South Carolina has been absolutely gorgeous with cool temps and low humidity.  I hope it's lovely where you are too, no matter what season you're in there in your part of the world.   On a recent visit to the State Farmers Market, I decided to take the camera along and get in some photography practice.  For all you vintage-lovers, have no fear, I do have something vintage Read more [...]

Landscaping Around the Screened Porch

Hooray!  We've finally managed to add a little landscaping around the new screened porch we built a few months ago.  It's amazing what a few plants and some bales of pine straw can do.  Do you use pine straw as mulch where you live?  Have you ever heard of it?  I suspect it's mainly a southern thing, but I may be wrong. It's great because it's pretty inexpensive, and it doesn't attract termites supposedly.   The first thing I want to show you is the topsy-turvey planter Read more [...]

Vintage Franciscan Strawberry Fair

Welcome to the 53rd History & Home Link Party!  Today I'm sharing something new I've added to my home...well, new to me, but actually something with a few years on it.  I've been collecting another pattern in vintage Franciscan dinnerware called Strawberry Fair.  These dishes were made in the 1980s, so I suppose some would call that vintage and some would say they're too new to be considered vintage.  Either way, they sure are pretty!   The dinner plates came from Read more [...]

Vintage Lawn Chairs Redone in Red

Don't you love a quick, easy project?  We recently stumbled on a new project for ourselves, which was just what we needed because we already have about ten projects in the works around here!  Thankfully, there weren't any major issues and we got it done quickly.  Hubby and I attended the 43 mile "Big Grab" yard sale a couple of weeks ago, and though I was only looking for Pyrex, we just couldn't pass up the great deal on these two vintage lawn chairs.   Great patina, don't Read more [...]

Happy Fall Y’all!

Welcome to the 52nd History & Home link party.  A whole year of wonderful articles linked up, how quickly the time passed!   Today is the first day of my favorite season - Happy Fall, Y'all! I made this sign many years ago, just using acrylic paint and stencils.  It's not fancy, it's not terribly impressive, but we put it on our front porch every year and really enjoy it.  The miserably high temps of South Carolina summers are easing up, the days are shortening, Read more [...]

Autumn Decor Recap

Autumn has been sneaking up on me!  I haven't really done any fall decorating yet, except for buying some mums.  Last year, though, I did a few projects and posted about them, so in case you hadn't yet discovered We Call It Junkin last fall, here is a recap of my posts on autumn decor.    Here are the links to each one, in case you'd like to read more.  You may want to pin some of these to Pinterest for future reference. Easy Autumn Tree Cake Home Pride Pumpkins Two Read more [...]