Vintage Franciscan Strawberry Fair

Welcome to the 53rd History & Home Link Party!  Today I'm sharing something new I've added to my home...well, new to me, but actually something with a few years on it.  I've been collecting another pattern in vintage Franciscan dinnerware called Strawberry Fair.  These dishes were made in the 1980s, so I suppose some would call that vintage and some would say they're too new to be considered vintage.  Either way, they sure are pretty!   The dinner plates came from Read more [...]

Vintage Lawn Chairs Redone in Red

Don't you love a quick, easy project?  We recently stumbled on a new project for ourselves, which was just what we needed because we already have about ten projects in the works around here!  Thankfully, there weren't any major issues and we got it done quickly.  Hubby and I attended the 43 mile "Big Grab" yard sale a couple of weeks ago, and though I was only looking for Pyrex, we just couldn't pass up the great deal on these two vintage lawn chairs.   Great patina, don't Read more [...]

Happy Fall Y’all!

Welcome to the 52nd History & Home link party.  A whole year of wonderful articles linked up, how quickly the time passed!   Today is the first day of my favorite season - Happy Fall, Y'all! I made this sign many years ago, just using acrylic paint and stencils.  It's not fancy, it's not terribly impressive, but we put it on our front porch every year and really enjoy it.  The miserably high temps of South Carolina summers are easing up, the days are shortening, Read more [...]

Autumn Decor Recap

Autumn has been sneaking up on me!  I haven't really done any fall decorating yet, except for buying some mums.  Last year, though, I did a few projects and posted about them, so in case you hadn't yet discovered We Call It Junkin last fall, here is a recap of my posts on autumn decor.    Here are the links to each one, in case you'd like to read more.  You may want to pin some of these to Pinterest for future reference. Easy Autumn Tree Cake Home Pride Pumpkins Two Read more [...]

Do the Unexpected: Paint the Front Door Orange

While driving to work in our beautiful downtown area, I spotted this grand home (now used for a business) and was immediately drawn to its unusual front door:   Hopefully it's reading true on your screen, but it's the perfect shade of pumpkin orange!  It looks so lovely with this light gray and white paint scheme, I had to snap some photos with my phone.   My house is white with black shutters and a red front door, which is pretty, but often-done.  This has Read more [...]

Found Franciscan Autumn…Just in Time for Autumn!

Welcome to the 51st History and Home Link Party!  If you were reading We Call It Junkin last autumn, you'll remember how I discovered a partial set of vintage Franciscan dishes in the Autumn pattern at a thrift store, and that set off a whole addiction to these lovely dishes made in California in the mid-2oth century.  I was in that same thrift store a couple of weeks ago, looked down on a bottom shelf, and what greeted me but these two serving bowls for 50 cents and 1 dollar!     Needless Read more [...]

The Big Grab

Have you heard of these "longest yard sale" events that are popping up all around the country?  There are at least a couple of them here in South Carolina, and I finally made it to one of them last week.  "The Big Grab", a 43-mile yard sale that covers three pretty little towns was fun, productive, and only a little bit hot.   Here are a few things I liked and thought I'd share with you.  See if you can guess which ones I bought!       So, Read more [...]

Armchair Junkin: Episode 11

Welcome to We Call It Junkin’s monthly game – Armchair Junkin!  In case this is new to you, this is where you: just sit back in your comfy armchair come on a virtual antique- or thrift-shopping trip with me then play “what-would-I-buy” with everybody else. There’s even a poll at the end where you can vote, no email address or personal info needed.  Vote for as many as you like. By the way – this is fantasy shopping, so storage space and funds are not an issue, Read more [...]

Vintage Grapes and Tulips

Welcome to the 50th History and Home Link Party, it's good to "see" you!  Ah, September, the weather is finally starting to cool off where I am, how about you?  Hopefully it will last, I am quite ready for Autumn.  I've already bought two orange mums for the back porch and everything. Here are a couple of vintage lovelies I found recently at a thrift store.  A glass with red tulips (unmarked) and a "sculpted grapes" serving bowl, also unmarked but matches the highly collectible Read more [...]

Dodging Disney Dishes

It was pretty much *crickets* around here last month, wasn't it?  That's because I took a break from blogging and went on a wonderful trip to the happiest place on Earth - Walt Disney World! I didn't forget y'all, though.   While browsing through the gift shops, and dodging repeated impulses to buy cute and whimsical dishes they were selling, I did snap some photos to share with you, dear readers! This Minnie plate just makes me say, "Awwwww!"  I really, really wanted Read more [...]

Wow, Look at Those Curves

Welcome to the 49th History & Home Link Party - it's been nearly a year!  Thanks to all of you who join in each week! I'm sharing a  bit of history with you this week, but only a glimpse.  Remember a while back when I wrote Art Deco Department Store Finds a New Purpose in a New Century?  I never did show y'all the cool, curvalicious mid century building around the corner from the Tapp's Department Store, so I thought I'd show you finally. I'm not sure what it was, Read more [...]

New Towels from Vintage Fabric

Welcome to the 48th History & Home Link Party!  I hope the change in title format didn't throw ya' :) I've decided to go back to the way I used to do these link-ups, where I share something of my own here, and "pin" the features from last week to Pinterest.  I think the link party guests get much better exposure that way, and it gives my non-blogging readers something to read from me in case they get here before anyone's linked up.   I do change my mind a lot, don't I?   Aren't Read more [...]

When Junkin Brings Back Memories

Have you ever been at an antique store, thrift store, estate sale, or auction, and come across something that sent you down memory lane?   I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me.  While browsing through antiques and vintage treasures, I'll spot something that makes me think of my grandma, or my childhood, or my dad. These lovely dolls were on display at a large antique mall I frequent, and seeing them immediately brought my late father to mind.       He Read more [...]

Featured at Adirondack Girl @ Heart

    I'm so honored to have been chosen as the Vintage Blog of the Week by Diana at Adirondack Girl @ Heart!   What a lovely surprise to receive coming off of my blogging break and vacation.   If you don't know Diana's blog, she's always showing wonderful vintage finds, passing on information about things people like to collect, and she has a touching and thoughtful series on faith: FaiTHoughts.    So hop over to visit the Adirondack Girl and say "hello".  Check Read more [...]